Crown Audio CT specs. I think there is some very slight stretching in x games, but I usually can’t tell and that has made it hard to verify. You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this drop-ship order. However that drive is too deep to fit inside the original DEC adapter housing. Basement full of ancient PC stuff, starting to go through it.

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The amplifier offers flexible input routing, allowing you to send an input signal to any of the 4 outputs. So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice. No idea if it’s a coin cell or something rechargeable like some other laptops of the era.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. See below Digtal, a surprisingly slim and light laptop that Ct4775 have never seen anyone mention, but has all the necessities us DOS gamers need to have a little fun.

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The screen is really awesome for the age — a nice bright TFT, definitely unusual for a laptop! I also have a compaq with a color screen that’s in pieces, it had a really weird unobtanium PSU and I took it apart years ago to try to reverse engineer. The CTpart of the ComTech DriveCore series from Crown Audiois a 4-channel power amplifier that offers professional audio quality in a slim design.

Not sure where the speaker s are I think under the keyboard, but I didn’t notice them when I took it apart but the sound is clear and can get really loud if you want it to.


See any errors on this page? I have not seen a picture of it so no idea what it looks like. You can especially see this in the gray parts of Windows 3.

It provides 75W per channel into 8 ohms for strong, clear audio with low distortion. I have that run in autoexec. Of course, the size of the HiNote also means that it lacks external dibital options. It seems to be quite the uncommon machine; it was very difficult to find specs, and I still haven’t found a manual at all. I opened the module up and found that the drive itself was something standard, attaching to an “adapter” for the docking port using a ribbon cable.

Digital Hi Note CT – Computing History

The battery serves as a stand — it can be rotated to set the system flat, or elevated as shown here. Special Order Update Location close. The amplifier has a 1RU chassis, allowing you to install it in any standard equipment rack.

Mine is obviously quite dead, so I lose the clock settings if I leave it unplugged for more digtial a few minutes. Please check your local sales tax laws.

The power button on the side just puts it in a sort of suspend mode, even when held. Integrated Life-Safety features and patented feedback and protection circuitry protect the cf475 from damage to ensure a lifetime of reliable operation.


Overall this is a very nice system to play DOS games on. The keyboard won’t win any awards but I’ve typed on digtial worse ones– although I can’t tell if I’m having trouble because of the small size, or because of the German layout on mine. Crown Audio CT specs.

Here we see it sitting atop a PowerBook G3 Pismo from If I’m moving over a game I just let it run for a while and go do something else.


I wanted to post some pics and information so that there’s something actually recent out there System specs: So, when I’ve needed a floppy I plug the bare board into the bottom of the system, which is not exactly a stable setup.

I forgot to check what chipset figital used on the original Win95 installation before I pulled the drive. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Digihal think there is some very slight stretching in x games, but I usually can’t tell and that has made it hard to verify. Hopefully being on the underside of the board means that a leak won’t be as catastrophic, but it still bothers me a lot.

I still can’t figure out how Intel bought them up then produced such terrible onboard digiyal.