Choose No, I want to Export, and follow the wizard’s instructions to create vCards. Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system. Go to File Export. Available while supplies last. Right click the database file and choose properties. On the right side, you will see a list of words that say Ignore This Field, which are drop-down menus. In list view, select the contacts to place in the same category.

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Select Card Replace from the Menu. Select your version of Lotus Notes and click Options.

Hold down the control key while clicking djmo individual names to simultaneously select non-consecutive items in the list. You will be prompted to place a card into the scanner or choose a card from a list, depending on the option you chose.

On the right side, you will see a list of words that say Ignore This Field, which are drop-down menus.

If you are happy with the scanned image, click Next until you are on the Finished screen. Run the CardScan program. If the information does not appear in columns, you may dhmo to click Tab under Delimit by. Click on Scan and uncheck Detect Cards Automatically.


DYMO CardScan Executive 800c V9 1760686

Close the original file and save the new file under the eymo name. Click Edit and select Copy. Click OK to apply changes. Insert the Calibration card as instructed. Make sure you have your iPod plugged into the FireWire port and that it is mounted in Finder.

Assign the same category to multiple contacts. No, the SDK is designed to read business cards and you cannot modify this logic.

Choose No, I want to Export, and follow the dym instructions to create vCards. Choose an export option at the Introduction page and click Next. Choose a location to save your exported file. An Untitled – Contact will open.

Click on the Contacts tab. Give the file a name. If 80c other application supports the vCard interchange format, you can drag and drop contacts from CardScan as follows: Choose Yes when CardScan asks if you want to overwrite the original file.

Click OK on the prompt. Close the Untitled – Contact and do not save changes. CardScan Series Product Sheet. CardScan 9 has a new feature located that will all you to reformat the telephone numbers of all your contacts at one time.


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Feed the new or replacement business card through your scanner. Choose a comma for the separator, and quotation marks as the delimiter, click Next. How do I copy a business card image from CardScan and paste it to another application?

If this fails, try to synchronize with a blank CardScan database, keeping all other settings the same. Choose Delete from the Card menu. You will begin to see the address information appear in CardScan.

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The contact information appears in the correct fields of a new contact. Choose a new save name and location and save your file. If the file already has a dymoo on CardScan.