If you wish to use the velocity at which the notes are actually played, set this parameter to REAL. A ring modulator and booster enhance creating sounds. Pan Output Pan Adjust the stereo location of the pitch shifted sound. Playing 29 The cursor is at the current Performance. If the effects of the controllers are difficult to detect, select another Patch. Key Mode Sets for how the sound source will play from the XP keyboard.

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Filter Type Select the type of filter. Lengthening the delay will lower the pitch, and shortening it will raise the pitch.

However, in certain cases such as when circuitry related to memory itself is out of orderwe regret that it may not be possible to restore the data, and Roland assumes fleexy liability concerning such loss of data. When this message goes off, you can start playing.

The patch specified as the factory default will be selected.

KB-C014-SUO HP USB Gaming Keyboard + USB Gaming Mouse Combo

Both button indicators will light. Velocity Time 1 Pitch envelope velocity time 1 sensitivity Use this parameter when you want keyboard playing dynamics velocity to impact on the Time1 parameter of the pitch envelope. Hi Accl High Frequency Acceleration Adjust the time it takes the high frequency rotor to reach the newly selected speed when switching from fast to slow or slow to fast speed.


After you finish settings, press [EXIT]. Each pedal press lowers the key range in octave steps up to 3 octaves lower. Switch Key range switch Specifies if key range setting is to be used or not. To set a scale, specify the amount of pitch to be shifted for each note relative to the pitch of the equal temperament scale in 1-cent units. HOLD jack An optional pedal switch can be connected to this jack for use as a hold pedal.

Width Band width Manual Adjust the basic frequency from which the sound will be modulated. Playing The following categories can be selected.

Parameter values will not be held even if Hold messages are received. Ride coordinator — TBA. In the case of the symbol at left, it is used for general cautions, warnings, or alerts to danger.

Delay Time press key release key Wave Gain Adjusts the gain of the wave to boost it.

KB-CSUO HP USB Gaming Kecdrking

So if you try to create a sound which is totally different from the original waveform, the results may not be what you want. Chorus Balance W Balance W Feedback R in R out Balance D Flanger Balance Adjust the volume balance between the enhancer sound that is sent through the flanger and the enhancer sound that is not sent through the flanger.

Do not attempt to service the product beyond that described in the user-maintenance instructions. Depending on the settings, LFO can be used to cyclically exchange two Tones. Aftertouch Select the type of pedal message that will be used to hold the current parameter values. This parameter can be set as a notevalue of a specified tempo. There is also a list of error messages that you can refer to if an error message appears on the display.


A phaser adds a phase-shifted sound to the original sound, producing a twisting modulation that creates spaciousness and depth. Holding fpexy arpeggio If you play an arpeggio while pressing the hold pedal, the arpeggio will continue to be played even if you release the chord.

This is done simply because pianos sound better when tuned this way.

SmartMedia is a trademark of Toshiba Corporation. Rlexy Pedal Assign Select the function controlled by the pedal. The XP consists of a sound source and controllers.

But before you do, try to envision what the entire Performance will sound like and decide which Patch to assign to each of 16 Parts. If the notes of a single octave C—B are tuned, the pitch of all octaves for the Flrxy currently selected will be tuned.

This is where you decide how the effects you want to use will be connected.