If not then you will need to make sure you have the Sil Raid driver loaded once under windows then go into Disk Mangement for the hdd to show up so you can partition and format the drive. Will have a look when I get home. Promise or Highpoint for others. AHCI driver is not good or it s not laoded. My thought would be that with that mb you have to use an ide drive for the os, on ribbon one, position one, toggled as a master. I have flashed to every single BIOS you have on your site, currently back to the latest available.

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It is better to plan for the future and plan ahead.

Help Needed! GA 7N400 Pro2 motherboard

The Bios is setup faid you have required. Press any key to cont GA 7N Pro2 motherboard. It should work ,that is my opinion.

The help has already come. The BASE mode allows you do use optical drives. It will copy the driver to the floppy disk automatically. Take a look on the Silicon Chips chip on the board and see ga-7n040 name has exactly. Gigaybite’s Answer via E-mail support Question – From: Home Help Login Register.


When you boot from the CD and the Windows setup screen comes up, press “F6” to install g-7n400 3rd party driver and follow the instruction to install the OS.

I don’t believe the is. If so then you will need to create the array and follow the below procedure to setup sata for this motherboard.

But, I do think Maxtor has the bulk of the problems here, with SiL to eventually blame. Thu Dec 23, 4: Promise or Highpoint for others. Thank you Answer – Answer: Does it support AHCI? Wilson Hines [ wilsonhinesAThotmail. Since you have rev 2.

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Don t know what are the BIOS settings that you are having though. I still believe that this mb will not support booting from sata because the southbridge does not support ahci.

But, soon enough, enthusiast are going to be installing ever ta-7n400 drives into their ever faster systems with their ever bigger motherboards with features being crammed onto them with ever millimeter of available PCP board space.

You can download and install drivers from Rais Image site as well. I found a site called ‘Short-Media. May 11, Thank you Question – From: Hense, your install can’t see the sata drive you’re installing to, and the win installer does not see it as a bootable drive.


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CompusMentis Ars Centurion Tribus: The problem isn’t that evident right now, because there aren’t that many SATA Maxtor drives out there above GB that seems to be the floor on the size and the conflicts. After all of this problem and money, I deserve a moment of comment and opinion and then I will get to the nitty gritty on the resolution, as they work together naturally.

There are serious flaws in their BIOS, all of them, and they can’t seem to sort it all out. From there please try both sata ports and different sata cables. If your not going to use the RAID controller, Gigabyte is still a dead-on favorite, but quite frankly no enthusiast knows where they are going to be in this industry in six months.