Mon Dec 27, 4: Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. It’s most likely your power supply. Also, make sure that the HSF is firmly attached to the cpu. Sep 13, Posts:

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But then I uslly get an entire new system by then anyway. Mon Dec 27, 4: Damn, I should get fees for all the pimpin’ I do for them. Also make sure that the fan on the cpu sl k8an2e gr working also I forgot to plug in the fan on mine and I could get it started but it would not come back on sl k8an2e gr it cooled down and I plugged in the fan Welcome to the Ars OpenForum.

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Mon Dec 27, 9: My theory was that I need a new power supply, it’s good to see that I may not sl k8an2e gr been wrong. I have a W power supply. When I try to turn on the power, I get a little bit of a flash and nothing turns on except for a very bright red light on the motherboard near the chip. Aug 1, Posts: I’m not sure what the error light means, but because of the fans I’m fairly sure it’s a problem with the power supply.

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Oh, and if you bought the cpu from Newegg then sl k8an2e gr should be a jippy to l8an2e RMA it if all else fails. Only s that goes wrong of course is when they get around 1. It’s most likely your power supply.

I have 2 sticks of crucial mb, and I’ve reseated the HSF multiple times, so I’m fairly sure that’s not the problem. I assume this is an error light, k88an2e the manual and kk8an2e sl k8an2e gr been completely useless in finding out what it means.

Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Also, make sure that the HSF is firmly attached to the cpu.

I usually ssl a case with a PS included and I sl k8an2e gr done this multiple times with no problems other than age. Sep 13, Posts: What is your powersupply? Not exactly ancient, but considering the circumstances I’m assuming that it’s the problem. I really dig the case, so I’m not going to be changing it, but I will be picking up a new power supply today.


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Anybody know what’s wrong? Sun Dec 26, 9: Susamoschexianu Ars Praetorian Tribus: The thing is that there was a sl k8an2e gr three floors below me a few weeks ago that caused ,8an2e to get in there, so I’m fairly sure that since this setup requires more power than my previous one, it’s on its last breath. Mon Dec 27, 1: The power supply is about a year old.

Problems had started right after. All of the fans will begin to spin, and then shut off. Thanks for the help! I have a stick of sl k8an2e gr gig of pc Patriot, Radeon Sun Dec 26, 5: