I ended up with buttons, 6 axes, 15 sliders, and 4 hat switches with 1 degree resolution. Best of both worlds as it were. When I change the mode, so the green light next to the button is on, the POV then responds to the left analog stick. It does not have to be one joystick. We can set blaze function to all 12 buttons and can sense powerful play bodily by game corresponding to Direct X by vibration function. May 17, Applies to: Trimpots are often used in situations where they may only be adjusted once in their operating life, and so might be built as cheaply as possible.

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Thruster all the way witb is read as Z-Axisand pushes the X-Axis roughly half way to the right, while all the way up reads as Z-Axis 0, and pushes X-Axis far enough to jump to the left 0 being far left, 1 being center. Please let me know if this fixed it for you.

Click “Setup USB game controllers. Never was good at joystick games…. Yes No Sorry this didn’t help. Analog mode time 4 axis 12 button with POVDigital mode time 2 axis 12 button.

BTW, a couple rotary encoders could be a nice adittion for flight sims. Thrust for every engine, Flaps, trim surfaces…. I don’t think there was a CD install, though every once in a while when I plug it in it re-installs the driver.

What could be the problem? Hammond organ types have just 9 controls by comparison. This site in other languages x.

Drivers >>> USB,4-Axis,12-Button With POV driver

If you are, there may be a problem with the 4 axis 12 button with pov or its drivers. We come to be 4 axis 12 button with pov to start game immediately without button placement being optimized so that operation that is alert and agile that there is little loss in the hard action scene of biohazard that can say that “JC-UB12GN” is the origin of survival horror 21 possible, and setting more troublesome button.


I truly do need your feedback and help testing. He had originally tried 8 axes, but a few problems cropped up, deadlines approached, and he left it as is.

Am I missing something? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Search for “game” in the Search box. You should be in the dual joystick mode with the red LED next to the Mode button turned off.

USB,4-Axis,Button With POV driver – DriverDouble

We connected the joystick 4 axis 12 button with pov USB and compiled and downloaded the program but while watching the debugger window for the controler we see that the right analog stick is not working but every other button and the left stick are working. It supports 4 axis 12 buttons, 12 buttons twin by digital mode with analog mode. Notify me of new comments via email. Analog stick and POV, We sell USB game pad of 12 buttons of full specifications equipped with vibration function, blaze function newly.

ESebele replied on May 17, Nice build, but it will be a real challenge to create a control panel for that all, and to wire everything to the PCB.

joystick manual configure – Microsoft Community

And although that would perhaps not be handy on a pre-w8 desktop with hard to determine positions, it would be good if you have an interface with fixed elements, like a custom program or a tile-like UI, you could put a picture of tile-outlines on the pad to orient yourself, and 4 axis 12 button with pov you got the start position any dragging would be intuitive.

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Changing the mode did not work because the X1 and Y1 are working, it is the X2 and Y2 that are not responding.

But you can assign it to anything plv course. I understand that it’s supposed to be far left is 0, center isand far 4 axis 12 button with pov is like the Y-Axis is.

Call for Hams and Hackers: Game pad of USB Interface which is compact 4 axis 12 button with pov spite of being multi-function. When I change the mode, so the green light next to the button is on, the POV then responds to the left analog stick.

And, as usual, wit to my axks for showing me this facility in Windows! I can get all 12 buttons to operate, pushing the joysticks gives buttons 11 and Also check the back of the controller; if it has a switch marked “D” and “X”, make sure it is set to ‘D’ digital and not ‘X’ X-Box mode.

Thanks for the correction Paul.