Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to fix this problem. Or a new motherboard. Somewhere towards the back. Coby, If I take the hard drive out and want to use it like a flash drive, what kid of adapter would I need? That’s a known faulty GPU.

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Acer aspire 5520g black screen

acer 5520g Looks like this is motherboard failure. That’s okay though because you can add your own review and we’ll feature it here.

What Notebook Should I Buy? Somewhere towards the back.

Acer 5520g aspire g black screen Discussion in ‘ Hardware Components and Aftermarket Upgrades ‘ started by ursulka7Nov 5, When i try to go into bios it asks acer 5520g the password.

Pierre Champoux, I think you have motherboard related failure.

Acer Aspire specs – Engadget

Maybe connection between the DVD drive and motherboard is bad. Would you know what that little notch to slide to the left to unlock the laptop screen would be called or identified as? Probably something is wrong with the optical drive controller. Danishblunt May 13, Or a loose LCD cable? Catalin, I have an Acer Aspire g that refuses to let me use all his USB acer 5520g what i mean is that i can acer 5520g sucesfully acer 5520g 1 of the 3 USB ports the other one wont work i.


ZaZ Apr 24, I use windows 7.

There was no LowerFilters. Clify May 30, at 8: I tried acer 5520g out battery and removing power cable, then holding power on button for 60 second and then connecting only power cable back but same thing happens. For edd and all the others with the same problem. What is true is that 5250g laptops heat acer 5520g battery up too.

If you acer 5520g no warranty, then you can try BGA reflow. It could be many things causing it. ZaZ Apr 24, Nothing is appearing on the screen.

Acer Aspire G – External Reviews

Did fresh windows install and many other things … My question is: Please i need your help. I acer 5520g the laptop used and was wondering if i need to remove the cmos battery or is there a way to jump it so i can enter acer 5520g bios menu… thanks.

Hold the power button acer 5520g 1 min. David, I want to acer 5520g my laptop and load a new operating 5520h on it but it could not do, first of all i set the first booting device on CD ROM and second booting device on flopping acer 5520g, i put on the XP Service pack2 CD on the drive it refuse picking up, it only blank Screen will be display on the Laptop screen.


How to take apart Acer Aspire 5520

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Check the air-flow hole on your cooler, acer 5520g could be a bit of dust which decreases air flow Or the technician that my sister recommended changed it.? By using acer 5520g site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

It gives me an error saying the disc is corrupt or damaged. Your name or acer 5520g address: