Has all the features you could ask for in DAW recording and I find it very quiet and clean for anything from acoustic guitar to massive VST sounds. Upon installing the drivers CD, we noticed that the disk was a bit marred. You pay to ship it a third party repair house, so now I’ve spent even more in order to “save money”. The quality on this mixer is exceptional and shouldn’t even be a question if you’re looking to buy it. I wish the three-band equalizer could be bypassed. They go so far as to include a step-by-step guide for working with the bundled software, Cubase LE.

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Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review |

A compact, affordable wlesis mixer with FireWire. I easily installed the drivers and the copy of Cubase LE that ships with the Multimix line and opened Cubase. I bought an extended warranty, just in case. The alesis firewire aoesis downside is the limited 4 tracks simultaneously. Installation of the drivers was alesis firewire, with the Alesis website providing a fresh, up-to-the-minute download.

I can hear a glitches during playback in cubase for some reason. Certainly learned my lesson about buying Alesis products ever again. Upon installing the drivers CD, we noticed that the disk was a bit marred. Each MultiMix FireWire alesis firewire provides high-quality analog mixing and computer recording via an integrated FireWire interface.


Alesis Multimix 8 FireWire Studio Mixer

This new audio mixer may have an ultra-small alesis firewire, but it’s a feature-laden device that demands attention. Each alesis firewire the balanced inputs has its own three-band EQ, high pass filter, gain control, pan control, and level control.

When the line debuted, the small-format MultiMix FX mixers provided all the mixing basics plus high-quality bit digital effects at a very reasonable price. Awesome for instruments, but my miss my behringer xenyx preamps for vocals. Alesis firewire from the included Cubase LE was full of digital static and my computer kept crashing. Breathe easy, intrepid musician, the new Multimix Firewire Mixers are here to help you balance it all.

Im alesis firewire messing with it The output seems a little quiet to me, but that’s fixable by turning the volume up louder. Despite its compact size, the design never felt cramped during our audio mixer review tests.

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review

This is minimal though. Those who are new to recording audio over FireWire alesis firewire truly appreciate Alesis’s effort in this department. It took time to fully understand the mixer and Cubase LE that comes with it.

The audio firewirre proved alesis firewire be a delight to use.


You’re in a band. Designed for project studio and small P. Alesis alesis firewire probably decided there was simply not enough room on such a compact unit 9. The board itself has been pretty quiet so far. Adjusting your computer’s master audio alesis firewire to use the new MultiMix 8 takes only a few seconds. The USB model only allows for bit. Alesis firewire Distribution 5 Stars. This unit is not reliable.

In addition to the line level inputs, the mixer also features 2 mic preamps with phantom power and up to 50dB of preamp gain. The mic preamps are extraordinarily clean. A buggered up alesis firewire may have been at fault.

I’ve had this unit as the main mixer in my home studio for alesis firewire years without a hitch. I alesis firewire impressed with the sound I can get on playback. As part of fireeire audio mixer review, we tested the MultiMix 8 FireWire with a vocal condenser mic requiring phantom power, as well as an ENG Electronic News Gathering style super-cardioid microphone.