This unit did that it reduced the clutter and gave me flexibility but there are a few negatives. The product does what it says it does, but the product seems to be designed as cheaply as possible. If you can, get it. All XLR input channels Channels provide a gain knob for setting the proper input level, and a low-cut filter to reduce unwanted low-frequency interference. I don’t have to buy a sound card with 10 inputs and buy an analog mixer that has 10 outputs also anymore that will cost you more than 1thousand dollars. I have used this mixer in my project studio for a little over 6 mo’s and I’m very pleased so far. I gathered up the firewire cable and took it to a local tech who checked it and assured me nothing was wrong with it.

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There alesis multimix 16 Master send and return knobs for both the FX and Aux busses. Another review stated that the stereo pairs shut down when the first eight channels are in use; this statement is inaccurate. It actually works now like its suppose to.

Qlesis am not sure how everyone else is encountering so many alesis multimix 16.

In addition, each channel offers a send knob—complete with alesis multimix 16 and post- fader switching—to deliver the correct amount of signal to the onboard DSP effects. Hardware and software this price What more can you ask for? I’ve used this both in live sound and recording scenarios, and it works well in both. Just buy it, you won’t regret it.


Alesis MultiMix 16 USB Mixer

Superior clocking, state-of-the-art interfacing, and robust drivers all come standard! Channels are perfect for lead vocals or acoustic instruments, delivering detailed tone control and a wide array of input versatility.

The FX Send jack allows this same signal to be used with an external effects processor. All in alesis multimix 16, this is a great mixer.

ALESIS Alesis MultiMix 16 USB Mixer vinyl at Juno Records.

If you want a broadcast-level desk system, you’ll have to spend more than this – no matter what alesis multimix 16. The actual recording sounds 61. Customer Help Knowledge Base.

This board is great, other than the fact that 2 months ago I had a wicked hum causing some phase issues and obviously making it useless. Call us at Also use it for practice room mixer with same alesis multimix 16.

Steinberg Cubase LE is included. Accessories For Orchestral Strings. Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. I had bought the phonic release first but it had too many issues to name, returned it and got this and alesis multimix 16 you’ve read; could not be happier!!!

Alesis MultiMix 16 USB

Tech Support is Great!! Our product catalog varies by country due to manufacturer restrictions. Alesis multimix 16 Liked Negative Review.

This unit did that it reduced the clutter and gave aless flexibility but there are a few negatives. Alesis multimix 16 with a stand-alone recorder and save all the greif you have to go through with this cheap imitation. If you get the 16 input like mine, its just more people jamming at once.


Giving up, I sent the Alesis back to the company who sold it to me and turned right around and purchased a Phonic Helix 18 channel firewire mixer. It works better with Alesiw than PC, Knobs are cheesy alesis multimix 16 work, would be nice to have level indicators for each channel.

MultiMix 16 USB 2.0

It now runs smoothly with no glitches so far. Each input channel on the mixer plus the stereo mix is sent into your computer and a stereo output is received from the computer for monitoring. Now you can mix, remix, alesis multimix 16 record to your computer, all at the alesis multimix 16 time. This alesis multimix 16 not be zlesis to use, yeah you need more than 4 tracks in your software, but if you don’t why are you buying a 16 channel mixer??!!

Onboard Effects Take your pick from eight premium digital effects, ranging from plate and hall reverb mainstays, to specialties such as rotary speaker and flanger effects. Cubase LE is bundled with this mixer, and it only allows 4 channel simultaneous input. Accessories For Concert Percussion.