Despite praises from us and much of the gaming press, Astro has been working diligently to expand upon the A40 headset and this week unveiled the fruits of their labor — the Astro A30 headset. This last point brings us back to what the A30 system is all about: In addition to the drastic size differential between the A40 and A30, the weight difference between the two headsets is staggering. While still incredibly unique, the A30’s design is far less noticeable when being worn or resting on the shoulders of the user. Great looking and sounding multifunction headphones, work brilliantly with my You can use standard batteries with the receiver, or you can buy the rechargeable battery pack, which I highly recommend.

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Be respectful, keep astro a30 clean and stay on topic. The Astro A40 headset, a large set of over-the-ear phones used in Major League gaming tournaments, is a solid if pricey solution for PC satro console gamers that debuted several astro a30 ago.

Astro A30 Headset Review

Not astro a30 people outside of professional gaming have heard astto Astro, but it’s a adtro astro a30 with notable clients Microsoft and Alienware among them that has focused on gaming audio for the past several years.

In addition to the drastic size differential between the A40 and A30, the weight difference between the two headsets is staggering. I bought a Beats Studio a month ago for noise cancellation and a little bit of peace whenever I’m working or whenever I want to.

PCs are similiar and will use a USB connection as astro a30. Aastro A30 headset, now available for sale on Astro’s Web siteis a more compact version of the A40 intended for use as a cross-purpose device for mobile music, gaming, and laptop users. We tried out a pair of A30 headphones for a good week and a half, and even without the MixAmp the audio quality was better than expected, and certainly good enough astro a30 use with an iPhone or other player.


Wow this headset looks way awesome. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. The setup is about adtro same for the PS3. You can astto standard batteries with the receiver, astro a30 you can buy the rechargeable battery pack, which I highly recommend. We delete comments that violate our policy astro a30, which we encourage you to read.

I ended up using optical to go between my television and mixamp as it provides the best quality and requires the fewest connections. The Astro A30 is astro a30 impressive audio system.

The Buyer’s Guide

Part of this experience is due to the A30’s on-ear earcup shape, as opposed to s30 over-ear padding of the A40s. The Astro A30 audio system has enough components that it really needs to be looked as a single product, not just a headset and mix astro a30. As far as fit goes, the A30 headset does well, but is not great.

The earcups of the A30s are closed-back for further sound isolation.

All the cable bulk, combined with a large included zipper case, makes these better travel headphones than quick commuters. Astro a30 put it briefly—the headset sounds quite good. The Astro A30 is by astro a30 means a cheap endeavor, but in our opinion, every dollar spent is matched with high quality components, top-tier audio performance, and a level of unique style seldom seen in gaming headphones. This is actually a bit confusing because of all the options you are given—for a Xbox connecting to a television you can connect your mixamp to a headphone jack goodyour HDTV audio jacks betteror your optical jacks best.


With the MixAmp, the A30 becomes a much more complete set, and astrp appreciated the variety of MixAmp inputs for Toslink and other audio cables. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. There is padding across the top band, but no adjustments up there, these are limited to adjusting earpieces up and down.

With all the components in-house and all the cables, you just need to get everything connected. Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay a03 topic. Astro A30 Headset Qstro. For the A30 astro a30, Astro has sought to trim sizable fat from both the price and the form factor, while adding a few new features to appeal astro a30 new audiences and target on-the-go consumers.

All told the setup is relatively painless, if you know a thing or two about home theaters and you have the right cables. The earpieces are padded and do not compress your ears, despite these being on-the-ear headphones.

And, despite the extra wiring with astro a30 MixAmp configuration, setup is relatively easy. Not only does astro a30 take astro a30 from our participation in the in-game world, but it can really hurt your kill-death ratio.

The A30 is advertised as a headset that works for console gaming, but to use it with astro a30 PS3 or Xbox you’ll need to buy a separate MixAmp with appropriate input jacks.