Thanks for the review! Some systems experience all the issues while others are only affected by one or two. Will May 11, at The graphics area during a SolidWorks session will not refresh or will refresh intermittently. The Transformation Is Complete.

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PassMark – FirePro 3D V – Price performance comparison

When this happens graphics agi is noticeably slower and they only way to restore normal performance is to reboot. Ron April 15, at 9: Remnants of an icon tool tip or an area of a window that was opened and closed will remain on the screen covering all graphics below no matter ati firepro v5700 application.

ati firepro v5700 A little background first. Posted on April 12, firpero Product ReviewUncategorized. While working in SolidWorks areas other than the graphics area such as toolbars, command manager, property manager, task pane, etc are not viewable.

New PhotoView Video Tutorials. This of course is a very annoying issue. The test machine was preloaded with SolidWorks and very little other software.

ATI FirePro V Specs – CNET

Where I saw some strange things in my test, I figured you would for sure. This issue affects all my systems but is most noticeable on the new Ati firepro v5700 system Parts of the SolidWorks window simply disappear or are blacked out. Dell M laptopT 2. virepro


The HP test machine was using a single monitor set up. Not sure what the laptop is running…to lazy to turn it on. All my workstations except the Xi Vista 64 ati firepro v5700 have the 3 gig switch enabled. In ati firepro v5700 with the sti FTC blogger guidelines and in an effort to have full transparency with my readers I need to post some full disclosure statements.

While working in an application an area of the screen will not refresh.

I am a member ati firepro v5700 the DS SolidWorks user group program as a group leader. Based on my week long experience with this graphics card I certainly would have no problem purchasing one for my own use or recommending it to someone else.

FirePro 3D V5700

Never thought that would happen. It will be interesting to see what the other bloggers ati firepro v5700 in their testing. Some v57700 experience all the issues while others are only affected by one or two.

Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I spent time, creating models, drawings, rendering, etc. Thanks for the review! A couple other pieces of information which are important when comparing 1 setup to another:. I used the test machine for about a week in the same ati firepro v5700 as I would any of my other workstations.


Xi desktop Core i-7 3. Hi Rob, Good post. Perfect timing on the article! Other quirks as ati firepro v5700. I copied a variety of Solidworks files from my network, loaded then onto the hard drive of the test machine and began working with them.

Your email address will not be published. This can be very frustrating, also degrades over all graphics performance and can only be resolved by rebooting the machine. I’ve been a member of the SolidWorks user community for many years. This blog is an extension ati firepro v5700 that community involvement and allows me to share what I hope is useful information with a wider audience ati firepro v5700 users.

What version of the driver are you using?