Do post if you get one! Another toy for the wish list. I’m now interested in this card, not because of MS-DOS, but because it seems to be the latest and greatest Creative card that still supports XP as well as all the new Windows versions. Its doubtful those old DOS drivers will work. As I said, this will not work. Is it possible to use the dosdrv that comes with the Audigy? Perhaps we will need something like this in the near future..

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But existing SW relying on SB compat. I’m speculating but I imagine that, yes, it would work in a I can’t imagine the soundblaster emulation will be up to much, and by the stage the Audigy was released, DOS games were no longer a thing as far as I’m aware.

I’ll try posting them here before week’s end. I’ve heard that the audigy1 drivers will not work with Audigy2, but I can’t confirm that. To my surprise I can’t have sound with these games any more.

DOS ain’t dead

In any case, go: To “backport” newer devices to older systems. Is it possible to use the dosdrv that comes with the Audigy? But typically you need 1 Ghz cpu just to emulate a The reason is good DOS compatibility with proper driver.


I don’t think much of the guys music is online. As cm said, when native drivers are used it will work of course.

VOGONS • View topic – audigy dos drivers

Our musicians were fairly good hence why most of our releases were music releases not demos. The only chance is to get it from good people doa host it on their own web sites but it’s stored decentralized and maybe hard to find it. Try to find the ISA bridge chip and look it up if you are not sure which one the motherboard is using.

But perhaps you’re audjgy XP anyways, so it should? I know it won’t do you much good in the near future, but may be something to keep in mind for a few years down the road.

Otherwise, they will not install under WinME. Just need to be on right place at right time: It took about a month to go from china akdigy czechrep. Hm, this audigy12 patch is not working for me.

At least one manufacturer is pushing that. I’m living in intel world: The problem is that no matter what card i select on creative’s dso, there’s no drivers listed for any of em, Live, or otherwise for ms-dos unless i select the ISA-connected AWE64 card. There is also an unofficial patch for Audigy 2 cards.


You can of course use other PCI cards, some drivers are here: For most desktop applications, these chips can work fairly well. Haven’t needed these type of boards – yet.

Easy MAMECab — Sound Blaster DOS drivers

I don’t know chipsets for AMD and its limitation but it seems it’s not very new and sou it audihy work But I very doubt if they care about legacy stuffs more than intel. The physical card is PCI-e.

I think their entries for Wired96, the Music Contest are probably available online I don’t know whether that’s because of the chipset or processor though, CMI’s SB support generally is somewhat unreliable. Also, the Audigy DOS drivers require you to load emm It is possible to do something like that but look how many time it had took them and it was done by more than 1 people.