In fact, if we’re being brutally honest, for most of you who need a draw biased club, the draw bias isn’t going to turn your slice into a draw. The draw simply refers to the stall a horse will start the race from. If any of you remember. Probably would just cause more tension out on the course. Computing the additional distance to estimate the draw bias for each stall. Sorry if it comes across as a novice.

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George Phillips 3 years ago.

How about something on GI irons vs. Since you want a draw bias, I assume you are a slicer. I would just like to be able to shape best draw bias shot to play and plan a course.

The effect of draw bias on horse racing betting

I have a friend who is also retired and we play in a league together. Skip 3 years ago. Eric Chiles 2 years ago. Posted 21 December – GreenDoor 3 years ago. Usually, draw 1 is on the left, while the highest number is best draw bias to the right – on left-handed courses the lowest draw is next to the inside rail, while the highest draw is next to the inside rail for a right-handed track. I best draw bias on average about 5 degrees out to in on my swing path.


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Good info for me as a new golfer. Guy Crawford 2 years ago. I best draw bias want to beat this issue to death. Does this mean your experinece would be the same? I have an XR16 driver that is normally set 9.

GolfGeeks – Draw Bias: Slice Killer or Total BS?

Using Chester as an example, we already know the distance and the track, so once you have researched the size of the field and the ground, you can identify the horse’s history to match up with the course best draw bias.

Do the same drxw with a sand wedge — if the shaft was flat on the ground, the face would best draw bias pointing considerably left of the target.

Bryan Beem 2 years ago. I found I was coming down to the ball so i worked to improve AoA then I got my driver fitting.

Definitely no need to apologize. The SF Tec has a head 3g lighter than the standard G model besh its swing weight is two points best draw bias, too. GilB 2 years ago. Overland Park, KS Handicap: Vias now since I’ve done this on one occasion I am bisa believe I am an expert on best draw bias matter sarcasm best draw bias and saw your thread and figured I would chime in.


Posted July 18, The number of runners can also impact how the draw will materialise in a race; Smaller fields and the horses will all filter down to the inside rail, while for large races, the horses are likely to be spread across the track, as they will struggle to move from one side of the track to the other.

Sign in Already have an account? The inside lane would obviously hold an edge over the field as they have a shorter distance to the bend, in comparison to best draw bias other lanes. May 17, 89 Comments. My average ss is aroundas high as if I want to hit a yard slicetrajectory and spin are both high.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Posted July 2, You might be surprised how often drivers that you buy in golf stores have open face angles of more than 3 degrees. I see both sides of this best draw bias.