Tech support is seven days a week. We don’t get a lot of requests for support for the Gazelle. The CE has left the building! She has indicated that they will not be updating their software any more – for good reason. The Gazelle is intended for home use only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting.

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It cuts straight from MTC. It is totally a rock solid machine. My bosskut gazelle condolences on your husband. Seems like if nothing else there bosskut gazelle more support available for MTC than Funtime. I always went back to MTC – so much easier. Once you understand its quirks, there should be no worries about it becoming obsolete. I’m seriously considering just buying MTC and starting to use that. Bought the new versions of Fun Time because something new was added, then I never used it.

I’ve had decals last years without any peeling bosskut gazelle cracking despite numerous trips through a car wash.


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I don’t know anything about any of the machines, but I shied agzelle from Silhouette and Cricut because I wanted the freedom to cut whatever I wanted, not just what was easily dealt with in bosskut gazelle software. I can tell you for vinyl, you bosskut gazelle beat the Oracal brand.

Cuts materials up to 12 inches in width! Bosskut gazelle not require a special pen or pen holder. Rain MTC is easy.

Boss Kut Gazelle

I shipped it back to them, they replaced just about everything to get the cutter working and bosskut gazelle charge me a cent! Okay, y’all have convinced me!

I bought 3 versions of funtime besides the version that came bosskut gazelle the machine. Tech support bosskut gazelle seven days a boswkut. Terri is their support person, and she is still available to answer questions.

I love my Gazelle and it is my go-to cutter since it works directly with MTC. I’m going to buy Bosskyt. We are running a sale on Bosskut gazelle Card Studio.

The Gazelle can also engrave, emboss and perforate if you instruct it to do so through Funtime. As mentioned, bosskut gazelle die-cutting wonder can handle a very wide range of materials. The CE has left the building! I’m a senior and I can do whatever I want without tearing out my grey roots: I bosskut gazelle not even sure where all my supplies are, but I am going to find ’em and find time to play again.


Bosskut gazelle Scared me at first. May in General. RainI think you have already answered your own questions My Gazelle gives me smooth clean bosskut, it’s just the right size, cuts a full 12×12, and runs as good as the day I got her which has been over two years now.

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Rainbuy MTC, you will not be disappointed. Does not cover bosskut gazelle misuse. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Great option for bosskut gazelle words, scribbles, doodles, ribbons or flourishes.