Additionally, drivers younger than 18 cannot use electronic communication devices while driving. California Driver’s Training If you’re a new teenage driver, completing both behind-the-wheel driver training and supervised driving practice are requirements to get your first driver’s license with the California Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. Our course helps you learn quickly and easily, using state-specific questions and easy-to-understand answers. Complete an additional 50 hours of behind-the-wheel driving practice. Your supervised driving practice will help to better prepare you for your California DMV driving test and will allow you to gain driving experience in real-world conditions. For teens, getting a driver’s license is an exciting experience.

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Taking your provisional permit written exam can be tricky to say the least. This form must be picked up at the DMV in person and cannot be downloaded, sorry.

Learner’s Permit Checklist in California

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For more information on driver’s education courses in California, please see our Driver’s Ed page. With your California learner’s permit in hand, you must log 50 hours of driver training ca dmv teenage a licensed driver over 25 years old.

It’s the fastest, easiest way to set yourself up for success! Part of that guide is a parent-teen driver contractwhich acts as a sort of template for defining ca dmv teenage and responsibilities.


At least 10 hours must be completed at night.

Permanent resident re-entry permit Refugee travel document Employment Authorization Card For a complete list of accepted documents, visit www.

A parent or guardian ca dmv teenage sign off on the paperwork. California residents who cannot provide proof of legal presence in the U. No ca dmv teenage trying to catch a ride to the mall or waiting around for your parents to pick you up after practice.

Applying for a New License (Teen Drivers) in California

The important thing is that you get to choose! Proof of your full name, age and Social Security number. How much practice, you ask? Regardless of where you take your driver’s training, you’ll need to complete at least 6 hours of behind-the-wheel practice with your driving instructor. California allows you to take a Driver’s Ed course in ca dmv teenage traditional classroom setting or you can complete it online.

Apply for a California Teen Driver’s License |

It also includes pledges where both parent and teen can sign tenage initials. Under California law, that means carrying the following minimum monetary limits:. This permit is available for drivers who are at least ca dmv teenage years old and less than 18 years old.


Who is liable if a provisionally licensed teen gets in an accident? Don’t leave your permit test to chance—take our free permit practice test with questions directly from the CA driver handbook.

Complete ca dmv teenage hours of driver’s training. Behind the Wheel Training.

Many of these milestones are age- and experience-related tasks, and are designed to minimize the risks associated with first-time drivers. See ” Other California Driver’s Licenses ca dmv teenage below for details.

Teen drivers: What are the rules in California? | KPCC

Nervous about Your Driver’s Test? CA Driver’s Training Teenabe If you’re younger than 18 years old, driver’s training is a requirement while you hold your learner’s permit. Teens provisionally licensed to ride mopeds or motorcycles cannot carry passengers. Ca dmv teenage for signing up!

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Yes, it was helpful No, it was not helpful. How can you tell if the license is provisional? Subscribe to the DMV.