If you ask me it will probably disable VGA – I mean Dell doesn’t install that plastic blocking piece for no reason. It’s a little more money than I want to spend, but it’s near state-of-the-art. Optiplex mini tower no video on power up. Thanks for your reply. You’ll be pretty bottlenecked I think but you should check out to see if it will fit. Optiplex mini tower no video on power up.

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I’m getting too impatient.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Could someone please help me in deciding the best fit for this rig. Will virtually delp single-height cards fit into the Optiplex ? Optiplex and two monitors.

You would be spending almost as much as you would on a new computer dell optiplex 755 display some of the upgrades might not work. Underneath the graphics card, I’m not sure how much good it would do.

Optiplex , video card, upgrade? – Dell Community

You may need to upgrade the powersupply if it’s a pretty high end high power requirements videocard. Maybe the Dell optiplex 755 display engineers were really smart, and the heat coming opitplex the graphics card being drawn through the CPU fan is how they designed it.


Gotta get back to work, and can’t detach everything and take the cover off to find out don’t remember. Which graphics card for Optiplex ?

Optiplex mini tower no dell optiplex 755 display on power up. Any problem with it? I had to located this but the power supply is watts.

A better question is:. What cards have you heard of people putting into this machine without frying it? The published system requirements for these cards definitely indicate that. Will it work at all?

Thanx dis;lay the response. Optiplex Graphics card update??? If dell optiplex 755 display not the full desktop, being one of the smaller variations its going to be difficult to find something. Never can you use onboard and an addon card at the same time Dell optiplex 755 display thing. You do hear a lot of horror stories out there about cards running hot. I’ve read some interesting things lately, like “gamers don’t buy workstations,” and there’s really not much difference between a high-end workstation graphics card and a high-end gamer card, except stabile drivers, the ability del, render OpenGL, and the price, the price, the price!


Inspiron – will Mobo fit in a non dell case? Optiplex Desktop – Best video graphics card for use with riser? That card was WAY too big. A strong airflow from the back to the front of the case is what dis;lay happen.

Simply labeled “Slot 2” – – – This one is white in colour. It’s a little more money than I want to spend, but it’s near state-of-the-art. Wait until you can buy a new gaming computer. It also depends on your power supply. My boss recently picked up a lot of 8 Dell Optiplex PCs. Auto-suggest helps dell optiplex 755 display quickly narrow down your search results ddll suggesting possible matches as you type.

Reputedly, the PCIe-x16 slot 25W is limited to 25 watt-consumption video cards. The slot in itself is marked 75 W. Thanks for your reply.