I doubt you can do that. How I can to clear cmos over this model. Steve, The power plug to my Vostro was broken when a family member tripped over the power cord. Did you check the list? What is the model number or could you post a bigger picture of the DVD drive? The warranty expired a year ago and they still fixed it for free.

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Great web page with detailed instructions for taking apart the So I rebooted and went back to the configuration causing the problem. Some claim Intel, but Intel does not list them. bluetoooth

The disk drive is not dell vostro 1510 bluetooth in vosrto Bios. I explained this process here. I changed the settings to ACH, to no avail. Probably not, but I cannot tell without looking at the laptop.

Go to Diagnostics Tab and Run the Test from there. What do you recommend I try to fix it?

The correct setting would be Always active on battery or Always On, or no power dell vostro 1510 bluetooth options for Wi-Fi. Is it necessary to remove all the components mentioned to have access to it? Not sure what is wrong with your laptop. I think these instructions might work for some other Dell Vostro models.


How to Turn on Bluetooth in Vostro – Dell Community

To download the Driver, please go to this page: That meant it was definitely a software problem. Open up the DVD drive. Or is that necessary at all?

Hi, I want to replace my optical DVD drive in my with a caddy that can 5110 a hard drive. I had a similar problem previously with an older DEll and a fresh reinstall fixed it. Where is the sound card physically located?

Try reseating memory module, maybe one of dell vostro 1510 bluetooth got knocked out of the slot. Please enter a valid email address.

How to take apart Dell Vostro 1510

Hi, Try pressing Fn F2. Touch Screen Digitizer Enables touch screen mouse control available on select Dell laptops.

I have to switch on and switch off many times that this problem stop. I was playing a game and then the video card freez everything is black and I have to restart computer but then windows is freezing at starting…some help pls? Anonymous May 02, Not sure if it helps but check out this guide. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you dell vostro 1510 bluetooth that you have read our dell vostro 1510 bluetooth terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


Is this a true assumption? Make sure this is not set up.

Some 11510 this for a Bluetooth card or something like a 3G or similar card. Also after i reformatted the laptop using the recovery disks dell vostro 1510 bluetooth cant now get video playback as it cant locate the drvers nor any sound. I can just make out the MSN box very faintly on the screen….

Nice pics by the way. And it’s working correctly.