Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. Click here to find lowest prices on this product. I loaded the card following the enclosed instructions, and do have a Pentium with 64 megs of ram and plenty of space available on my 2. FPS was always continuous and reasonably smooth, falling only into the 8 – 9 fps area when approaching the downtown hi-rises from the southeast directly over Meigs itself. A nifty desktop utility and some shareware games on a CD? Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. At this airport there is a Tim Dicken’s created macro of a water tower visible from just about every takeoff and landing path. Inside the box you’ll find the standard “exciting game sampler CD-ROM” which is nothing more than 6 or 7 shareware demos designed to staelth you think that you’re getting much more than what you paid for, a fairly standard marketing tactic that unfortunately just leads to a desk cluttered with cheap shareware Diamond stealth ii s220.

I activated the dawn feature again, and diamond stealth ii s220 Spot to watch the default Cessna, admiring the sunrise glow on the wings and fuselage.

Is that all you get with the Stealth II? Features Index Features The Test. Diamond stealth ii s220 when the hoped for 50 percent improvement in fps doesn’t materialize at those time when you need it most, I had to wonder whether the cost of the Stealth II is diaamond it. This was especially unsatisfactory when you consider that the average fps I got in the same position while using my 2D card was 7.

Diamond Stealth II S220 Rendition V2x00

It was at this point, with Manhattan framed in the distance, that I experienced my first pause, of about a seconds duration. Video Card Specifications Interface: Diamond is here to disprove that belief, armed with Rendition’s new Verite chipset and killer performance Diamond’s Stealth II 3D offers the most bang for your buck.

I fully diamond stealth ii s220 that there may be many satisfied Diamond stealth ii s220 II users out there who either don’t have the problems I’ve encountered with the card, or don’t share my opinion of their severity.

If you are looking for a powerful Pentium II system you are better off getting a Diamond Viper or FireGL card which will be better suited for your system, however if you are playing to the tune of a Socket-7 processor take a look at what the Stealth II can offer you for much less than either of those two cards. All in all, I am sad to say that I cannot give the card an unqualified recommendation off of what I.


A quick restart into safe mode confirmed that the problem wasn’t because of a bad card, rather a refresh rate problem, setting the refresh rate in the Display control panel to Adapter Default instead of Optimum corrected the diamond stealth ii s220 and allowed diamond stealth ii s220 system to boot properly.

Diamond Stealth II S graphics card Specs – CNET

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Is Quake 2 your game? I tested this last problem on one of the airports sceneries I’d designed myself. A few diagrams would have been nice, diamond stealth ii s220 the quick installation guide packaged with the Stealth II will have to suffice, consider the card a word document which basically says: Finally I loaded some of my own scenery and tried it out extensively.

Index Features The Test. As I descended for Kennedy approach I shifted to nighttime, and was rewarded with an excellent display of night lighting, including the full array of runway and taxiway lights, though I really did not notice that much of a discernible improvement there over 2D. It’s all very well to get 30 instead of 20 fps in non-dense areas – visual imaging the human eye can’t take advantage of anyhow.

I took off and turned south, lining diamond stealth ii s220 up with the East River. This macro is quite realistic, patterned with red and white checkers to give it a real-life appearance.

Diamond Stealth II S220

Unfortunately, however, it was at this time that a rather annoying feature showed up – the ground tile textures were severely banded now, fairly accurate in the near distance, then beyond a rather sharp dividing border a band of much blander texture, and finally furthest out beyond another severe dividing line, flat gray to the horizon.

If you don’t mind dealing with a few diamond stealth ii s220 from the get-go, the Diamond Stealth Steatlh can really impress you.

I could not find a driver that ik more recent than the product itself. A nifty desktop utility and some shareware diamond stealth ii s220 on a CD? Diamond’s InControl Tools 95 desktop utility was installed by default, a nice little utility that allows the user to have easy access to the Start Menu regardless of the position of diamond stealth ii s220 mouse pointer. These scenery loading pauses continued at odd, 1 to 2 minute intervals during my tour of the downtown Manhattan area, though they cleared up as soon as I moved beyond Manhattan.


Still, this minimum fps continued to be only 10 – 15 percent better better than what I got stealty the my 2D card, and continued to be a disappointment. Once the card was loaded a fairly straightforward operation using the instruction card that came with the unitI went into FS98 and performed the standard activation in the Hardware Acceleration window – Diamond stealth ii s220 3D card, choose X x 16 resolution on my 15″ monitor, click the enable hardware button on and choose Filter texturemapping and Mip mapping.

It seems like half of the money spent on making the Stealth Steqlth 3D went diamond stealth ii s220 the packaging, classic of most Diamond Video Cards, the Stealth II is sold in a retail box about 4 times the size of the actual card, leaving much “breathing room” who knows what all that space is for. Although installing a video card is a very simple task many manufacturers decide to include bulky and intimidating user manuals that often get put away beneath tons of junk, Diamond, not diamonnd one of them, included a brief reference card as the “installation manual” for the Stealth II.

Diamond stealth ii s220 headed out past the Verazzano Narrows Bridge, around Coney Island and toward Kennedy International, almost always in fps in the 14 to 16 range.

It was diamond stealth ii s220 flying along the East River, approaching Riker’s Island with several of the East River bridges in the mid- and background, that I experienced the lowest fps I encountered in the testing – 6.