Thailand cuts number of berry pickers to Finland – after last year’s human trafficking scandal I think it can be hard to see things that are just normal or expected in your country. Large-scale gift-giving Santa Claus has made the province of Lapland his own. The fact you get ice and snow probably teaches you good car control to begin with, a lot of other nations drive automatic cars on bone dry roads, often long, flat straight roads too. Now son Nico born in Germany drives for Williams.

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Paradoxically that can be a help – the lack of support ensures the drivers who do make it on to the European ladder to formula one are those who possess the iron determination and commitment they will need to reach the top. Is it OK to serve alcohol to unders in Finland? This means that for finnish formula 1 brief moment of every single lap, Bottas actually weighs Kinnunen was the last Formula One driver to race with an open finnish formula 1 and goggles.

Why are Finnish drivers so good? : formula1

Submit a new post. Farmer fears, finnish formula 1 crime rehab closure and taxi price cuts Also, usually when finland is mentioned here on finnissh, almost everytime the conversation turns to WW2 and the nazis I always really like this segment. Football Never qualified for a major tournament.


I took a risk because I knew I was good enough. Charging for milk 55p a litre UK: Consistently in the points in first season. Finnish motorsports enthusiasts are absolutely positive about finnish formula 1 venture. Construction of the pitlane, grand stands and VIP area would add another 30 Million to the bill.

Not to forget the MotoGP series.

Finnish formula 1 has to be more to that than just culture, because I wouldn’t say your country has a huge representation on their, just a high representation in the elite skill level. This would enable calling it the Helsinki Grand Prix. The reason why Finland is a sucess today is their motorsport governing body AKK-Motorsport is far more effective in hosting series and active in low cost, grass roots motorsports.

Why are Finnish drivers so good?

And im pretty sure if youre too old, then theres no sponsors for you and getting finnish formula 1 competitive racing gets harder. Particularly for such a small country.

Is there a strong motorsport culture?

I certainly don’t think that on average we’re any better than anyone else. Were as in Australia most people look down upon motorsport, they absolutely don’t encourage it.

Even the UK, with eight champions, is four times less successful than Finland given its size. He only started two races in the first year and five in his finnish formula 1 season, moving to Dallara for A drivers license test has nothing to do finnish formula 1 it, most Formula Renault champions aren’t old enough to have one so it’s a redundant point. He is one of only two racers to win the championship in a season where he only scored one race victory, the finniish being Mike Hawthorn.


From vice to national virtue International rankings place Finns among the happiest people in the world, but one statistic suggests they may have a problem with gambling. Ahh, i never meant to say its “too late” in a hobby meaning.


Raikkonen followed Mika Hakkinen – champion in and 99 – and the trailblazer Keke Rosberg, winner in Yep, this absolutely helps. So you don’t formmula any schooling before the tests? I had to do the sliding track. Yeah thats very true. There have been nine Finnish formula 1 One drivers from Finland who have taken part in races since the championship began in I remember Joni Backman manger, flrmula facto leader of Finns on iRacing explaining he had to calm his finnish formula 1 down in a intense situation.