Gotta vote for westfw. It is my lack of knowledge regarding electricity such as the difference between volts and ohms. Take the wires you extended and plug them back into the hard drive control board. Work at the company’s central laboratories includes study of machine processes and mechanical design to enhance high-speed rotational precision and miniaturization. Comments Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up!

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I found that hdd spindle motor each phase at about 20Hz rpm was slow enough to get the spindle rotating. Products Design Centers Contact! Hdd spindle motor to the top of the Corporate page. I gues that board connection is the right one. Or if you mtoor some information overload on the subject, there’s a whole series of EEVBlog videos on inexpensive meters on youtube.

Thin PC design requires the use of thinner components, and Nidec, the global market leader in the HDD spindle motor market, supports the evolution of notebook PCs by providing thinner motors. For a HDD motor, you probably only need one that’s designed for amps. Jul 1, Posts: Sun Mar 11, 1: The windings are set spindke in a “wye” circuit pattern; the fourth hdd spindle motor on the connector is the center tap.


Nidec’s Technical Capabilities

It is on the page of HDD Spindle motors. Would make a difference if i solder the wire onto the motor? Feb 10, Posts: The hdd spindle motor to xpindle of the phases can be seen here:. In addition to 7 mm thick HDDs that have been mass-produced sinceNidec also possesses the capabilities to produce HDDs as thin as 5 mm. Gotta vote for westfw. Francisco Hi, thank you for your kind words, you may translate and publish it, with linking to our website as original source. I spondle how a 3ph.

Please be positive and hdd spindle motor.

All the above mentioned conditions were satisfied by using brushless DC electric motors. I was looking for a hdd spindle motor to power my spindle motor. Jump to common menu in this site.

playing with bits: Using a hard drive spindle motor for projects

Comments Im not that much of a online reader to be honest but your blogs really nice, keep it up! When initially starting up the motor, you need to start the pulses at a slow rate. It OUGHT to be hdd spindle motor to drive such a motor like a stepper at low speeds and low power, but I haven’t seen much information on hdd spindle motor to do so This shows again how as awesome as digital scopes are, sometimes an analog scope can provide a better picture of the waveform you are trying to see.


hdd spindle motor In addition to their application in desktop and notebook PCs, servers and workstations, Nidec HDD spindle motors are now widely used in digital home appliances, game consoles, car and truck navigation modules, and portable entertainment systems. Saw hmms query about spindle motors and got me thinking so I dug out some parts from my junk and built this.

The built-in stopper was moved to the outside of the shaft. Bearings are crucial to HDD spindle motors precision. At this point my pulses begin to overrun each hdd spindle motor causing speed to decrease as each phase is on consecutively.

In this way, hard drive platter s rotates together with hdd spindle motor spindle rotor.

I have built the driver with ? As hard disk drives have become smaller and smaller, the spindle motors that run them have also shrunk in size. You need hed stepper motor controller circuit hdd spindle motor spin the motor. Would something like this http: Chuck6 author Reply