I was use to a large mouse that conformed to my hand. While not as small as the nano receiver used by Kensington and other manufacturers of mice , this USB receiver is small enough not to cause a problem by being knocked when protruding from a laptop. In September, Kensington launched their SlimBlade brand. If you like this article then why not link to it from your site! I wondered if the mouse would hold value to anyone beside Road Warriors; would this mouse be useful for a home office or in a classroom? Why don’t you be the first?

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No Longer Available Update Location close. As a mouse, the SlimBlade is kensington slimblade media mouse. However while all these controls kensington slimblade media mouse their task when using Windows Media Player, MusicMatch and RealPlayer, I did encounter a problem with the popular Winamp application.

Running along either side of the device are dimpled panels of a light grey colour that do help provide a firm grip of the mouse. Obviously Kensington has not been able to correct the problem. Kensington’s two-button SlimBlade Media Mouse not only features a scrollerball instead of a wheel putting it on a direct collision course with Apple’s own Mighty Mouse but flip it over and you find an iTunes media controller too.

Battery Indicator The mouse features a battery-level indicator to let you know when the batteries are running low.

Kensington – Support – SLIMBLADE MEDIA MOUSE

All content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all kensington slimblade media mouse posted on this site becomes a part of the community. Just pop in the USB controller and the mouse is ready to roll. The mouse uses 2. Editors Didn’t Like Inconvenient navigation kensington slimblade media mouse no mute button; scroll ball is not a button; scroll ball is hard to control.


Slab shaped with a slightly curved top, this ambidextrous mouse is predominately black with a reflective sheen. You will be able to make fine adjustments with the laser precision that you just won’t find in a ball mouse.

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By Gadgetell on July 03, The first time my dad kensington slimblade media mouse kensingtln mouse, he held it like a remote control, waving it futilely at the screen. See any errors on this page? Basically, they wanted “to create the perfect computing accessories for traveling executives.

Laser Tracking Laser tracking technology gives you the ultimate in control when using your mouse. The SlimBlade is a small silver mouse with a small turquoise patch where the scroll ball is located.

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It took a few minutes and I had to restart my computer but after that the SlimBlade worked flawlessly. Located on the base of the unit is a grey, rubber circular control pad.

Media Controls The mouse features a multifunction navigation pad, which allows kensington slimblade media mouse to control digital media from anywhere in a room. Some adjustment was required on my part to ensure I moved in the correct direction when using the scroll ball but this improved with practice.

If you like this article then why not link to it from your meda In kensington slimblade media mouse cases the various media controls worked fine as the volume level can be adjusted, tracks stopped and started, and the ability to move to the previous or next track.

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse review

slimbladw All of the mice in Kensingtons SlimBlade Collection have a sleek, slim design, a variety of functionality and are wireless. This offering is a laser mouse that communicates with the computer via a USB stick receiver with a wireless 2. Reviews by related category Kensington Keyboards and Mice. On the sides, there is a black rubber panel for easy gripping kensington slimblade media mouse the SlimBlade fit perfectly in either hand. Whereas most other mice in my possession tend to measure at least 18cm if you run the tape around the body of the device, this Kensington mouse is a trim 16cm.


The iTunes media controller on the underside of kensington slimblade media mouse mouse is equally underwhelming. Against Dodgy scroller wheel Limited media pad Picks up finger marks.

Kensington SlimBlade Presenter Media Mouse review

In the same way that keyboards have been designed with enhanced features, such as multi media controls and zoom capability, their usual companion, of a mousehas followed a similar pattern as is exemplified by this next product.

The media controls kensington slimblade media mouse also on the bottom of the mouse. Turn a standard mouse upside down and you have an inactive kensington slimblade media mouse of kit but this is not the case with kenskngton new product from Kensington.

This freedom makes the mouse kensingtom to use and ideal for such intense activities as computer gaming as well as fine detail work such as photo editing.