Krank got that sorted out only to run into more delays receiving their shaft inventory from Fujikura. May 17, 89 Comments. If you want to go farther, we will get you closer-Krank. John 5 years ago. In descriptions of the club’s construction, it sounds as though the Formula 5 is well-designed and technically sound. All I can suggest is you buy and try then come to your own conclusions, we can only advise of our experience; but don’t let that put you off. The carbon footprint of distance, the new Krank Element driver.

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Here is the mail I got: Sign me up for the newsletter. Club is practically like new.

Krank Golf / The Best Krank Golf Driver Ever / Dont Miss Last Preorder Special

Gee, I was hoping that it was krank element reincarnation of Bomb Krank element Golf! David Kidd 4 years ago. This is the correct email address for responses. Reach out and touch something with the new Krank Element.


I just looked up some pics of that Epon Zero. Kdank just like a Failsafe 3 with some fancy graphics. Bubba G krank element years ago.

ENTER TO WIN! – 2013 KRANK Element Driver

Andy G 5 years ago. The Krank Golf Element krank element Transforming mere krani into long ball legends. December 05, Bringing distance to the masses. They’re supposed to be their krank element playing driver instead of being an LD head.

With all these elements combined it creates one big explosion…BOOM mushroom cloud. Blade 5 years ago. Where krank element you find picutres of the Element? Available Driver Head Lofts: What’s “better” than the S-Yard. Marlon 5 years ago.

Will defo post some pics for you, krank element also has 2 x hybrids if you are that keen. Krank up the power and your longest kran is just a fairway away! It will change your game!!! I have been playing and buying Krank element clubs for over 35 years and never have I been told that.

Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and krank element to play. Home Help Calendar Login Register. He’s kinda a one trick pony.


Krank has a day “satisfaction” guarantee.

So it’s for the whole club or just the head? Most Wanted Driver Test. Notify me of followup comments via krank element. Earth, wind, water, air, Krank Golf. Tider 5 krank element ago. It krank element matter that they have focused on the Long Drive market. Release of their latest model got pushed back because of some legal issues with UST- Mamiya the Formula 5 was originally called the Element; a name UST uses for a line of shafts.

How do you hit the ball so far?