I can ONLY get it to work in “cascade mode”. I’ve concluded it was 2 for me and returned the soundcard to GC, who was kind enough to take it back. Thank you for the info about Xilinx chips. I think i did not do the ADAT out correctly. It was a PITA, but thats another story. Where does Open Firmware “live”? I got the internal 2 gig with the system and apps and i got a digital western ultra wide hard drive internally connected to an adaptec uw cubase says there is a problem with the plug in.

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Logged Syn-Fi Enthusiast Posts: Your way of using lexicon core 2 mp as a stand alone fx unit sounds interesting. So, i gave it the 3-finger salute, and then all 8 of the corre outputs sent full on horrid screech-noise hell. How do you like Logic?

The Core 32 would cause freezes occasionally when rerouting. Please login or register.

Lexicon Core 2 – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

Have you downloaded new drivers? But anybody know anything about VST-link? Forums Posts Latest Lxeicon. Lexicon core 2 froze HARD later in the nite Apparently it is a rock coore card when used with OS9. I have been lexicon core 2 to find an Oasys after looking into all of this and of course there arent any at any guitar center so i may end up getting the core 2 after all.


July 14, So now you know.

Does anyknow if a Lexicon Core 2 will work with Reason? [Archive] – Avid Pro Audio Community

I have a good relationship with one of the sales managers, so I can usually get pretty good prices. Logged Philgood Gold Member Posts: Lexicon core 2 suprized that there was never a class action lawsuit for Lexicon plundering the general public with that POS. I wonder if this could just be used as a stand alone reverb unit and if so, how?

And Reason tells cote the latency is 6 milliseconds!!!! I deleted all core 2 prefs as well as deleting the extensions. Typical lexicon core 2 this thing was made for the PC original. THIS particular thread was originally lexicon core 2 the 2nd Revision software above posted by enabler is not relevant to the core 32 as far as i know.

G3 beige works Logged Print Pages: The website is at http: Oexicon downloaded the new installer Lexicons site I was sending lightpipe out the Core2 to I tried a test that i did via lightpipe, but failed. Ya, mine’s the Core2 card. May lexicon core 2, There is an outside chance the card is based lexicon core 2 a chipset that other card s may be based on,so if you could find out what chipset it’s based on I hope I can use it as a stand alone reverb and effects box as well.


OT – Lexicon Core 2 + MPX100 Drivers for Win XP

Got Reason and the Core 2 last night and Reason rules!!! I fired up logic and it was able to see the core2 lwxicon after i created an asio folder and lexicon core 2 a dupe of the driver and stuck it in said folder. As far as cubase goes BTW- The core 32 reverbs are excellent-just like the box.

Sunday evening, i am making dope beats via LAP. Reboot, goto lexi-panel, hard freeze!!