You also said that the benchmark test seemed to fail on my system. Why did you cross flash the drive? Is the scan ‘read’ test worth doing? As the educated ones reading this will probably already have guessed, I discovered I that DMA was disabled on the writer so I downloaded and ran the vbscript to successfully put the drive in Ultra DMA mode 4. The max write speed according to that is 8x! Burning at 4x General Information Drive: All reading and burning tests were made with the latest firmware.

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In the scan tests tab I was able to run the ‘Read’ test wih no problems. Why, when I burned at 12x and 16x was the burn rate actually 8x? Disc Info Basic Information Disc type: Samsung Brings Bixby to Home Appliances.

I know little about disc quality so am really not sure what to look for. Are you referring to all of the benchmarks? Discs are not branded as Verbatim, they are Titanium Datawrite? This seems to be another bad burn with PI errors seeming very high with a max! Does this mean that dvdrq programs now come with their own ASPI or equivalent or is another approach taken altogether? I also downloaded SmartBurn 3. I just updated the chipset drivers on lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s PC and now when I check speeds in infotool they appear to be fine.


Generally speaking, do those of you that use the P6S for DVD video burn your discs at 16x or a lower speed? Burning at 4x General Information Drive: As I was having problems with lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s drive I thought I would do the same for this one.

Lite-on dvdrw driver for shmh6s – Components – Tom’s Hardware

Can an expert on these matters please give me your opinion on the above tests? This is bad Manufacturer: Thursday, May 17, Mine is external USB 2. Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s quality test optimal runnning at 8x or should it have been 4x? Are you saying that the CPU usage should be lower still, perhaps even nil?

I tried burning another two DVD-R at 16x and this time lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s an ln overall speed of Also the read speed max of 12x seems very low. See if you can totally get rid of Aspi.


Thanks again for the replies people. Perhaps there are interface issues. What might be causing the slowdown?

This seems to be media related. These speeds remained the same regardless of the type of disc in the drive at the time. These are normally very good.

LITE-ON DVDRW SHM-165P6S Firmware MS0R download

I guess that 2. Hi, Looks like Primary Lite on dvdrw shm 165p6s 0: Disc Quality test was always done at 8x, scan ‘read’ test at maximum. Is the scan ‘read’ test worth doing? Not really sure what to expect in a good one so am guessing really.

Are these genuine Verbatim branded discs? A better burn than at 8x!