Flag Poz7 on July 27, No pressures, a big blank canvas and loads of time before your next deadline. Indeed, they refer to themselves on their MySpace page as ‘the longest surviving uncorrupt democracy in history’. Mirrors and Smoke is a term for illusions and the following line is about living a life that’s a joke. You could be right about the first couple of lines being literally about getting out of TV and leaving his job.

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My favourite line is “They say I’m loneliness of a tower crane top of my game”, delivered as a tacit ‘crie de coer’ – he’s so obviously not – like someone whose heart is breaking telling his or her friends “I’m all right, I’m all right” when they are falling apart inside.

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With londliness wife for instance: There is no band like this band! The ticker tape could loneliness of a tower crane to the misplaced envy of his colleagues who think he has it loneliness of a tower crane, knowing little about the isolation and alienation that comes with his highly paid role.

Maybe he’s relating the whole miserable Elbow “character” to be just that, part of a character and sometimes he’s happy and sometimes he’s sad BTW In the booklet that comes with the album it has all the lyrics inthe “dwindle, gentle rose” line is “gentle, gentle rose”.


See Also profiles People On bbc. The Seldom Lonneliness Kid Elbow. The ‘mirrors and smoke’ couplet is a nice piece of wordplay that could be read as a drug reference by some listeners and though I doubt that was Guy’s meaning it adds a loneliness of a tower crane analogous layer to the song.

The Bones of You. That group dynamic is the centre of Elbow’s longevity. At first he was boasting about his job as he didn’t have to work too hard, had some mod cons up there and got paid very well.

And what’s that about ticker-tape? Another beauty of the Seldom Seen Kid album. Makes me think about someone who has associates who all think he’s a great bloke – maybe people in the pub – but the reality is that he’s lonely and the people that really matter are distant. He needs to find another job.

Elbow – The Loneliness of a Tower Crane Driver Lyrics | SongMeanings

Home Explore the BBC. How many of them have a career on television? Lyrics By Guy Garvey. The way I see it is that the towercrane driver in some loneliness of a tower crane lost his touch with normal life. Flag sazzrah on April 06, With songs lonelinss so strongly around personal experience, it’d be easy to presume that the writing process can be a difficult one.


The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver Lyrics by Elbow – Lyrics On Demand

The face that I know sees the human inside? He gets a lot into just a few poetic lines. We’ll have things fixed soon. Mastered by Tim Young. General Comment This song almost makes me cry every single time I hear it.

The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver Lyrics by Elbow

General Comment This is an absolute Elbow classic, and if you know the band then you’d know that that’s not a phrase to be used lightly!

Should listen to the Live at Abbey Road version – that line is absolutely epic. Song Meaning Hi, I thought this was about a career lonelihess television that had become a sham and the guy was living on his old successes. Album The Seldom Seen Kid. Ambition, if pursued to the cost of everything else, loneliness of a tower crane leave you high, dry and lonely.

General Comment Nice story telecasterthommy, it’s quite plausible I think. You could be right about the first couple of lines being literally about getting out of TV and leaving his job.