Some places that sell NimHs and rechargers: And, I agree that you probably want higher quailty that merely intelligible. Microphones, after the itself, are the biggest point of debate among members of this forum who know a whole lot more than me. But here are some quick thoughts:. The pre-amp seems to like 60 cycles. For instance, I recorded with a dynamic SM58 and a condenser Rode NT4 had no clipping problems, but others have had serious problems with either those mics or others with similar outputs.

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However, it seems that if this was a card problem the issue would marantz pmd 660 during the marantz pmd 660 when the written data is also being checked on the fly.

Each pair played for another hour or so in the CD. I had an issue like you describe happen the first time I used external mics on the maranhz I just tried to kill the batteries by recording for mwrantz long as possible, coincidentally with a condenser mic.

Oade Brothers is doing an input modification, which might not solve all of the problems, but I tried their mod to aand I thought it sounded great.

Typically, data compression is a function of bit rate: Marantz pmd 660 can confirm clipping pretty easily.


Any input would be appreciated. There were about 8 of these hiccups, all but about 2 were gracefully editted out.

Marantz PMD Recorder — Murray Tregonning & Associates

These files also errored on upload. Modular mics based on the sennheiser K6 module are good choices, get the K6 and then add an omni, or cardioid, or short shotgun capsule.

The pre-amp seems to like 60 marantz pmd 660. You might want to look for a utility that will allow you marantz pmd 660 fully check the integrity of the CF card. Ran for a while longer than the first time. Turns out that NIMH batteries tend to have slightly longer bodies than Alkalines, and shorter contact points at the top the protruding postive contact. Considering how long the take was and this repeating thing it sounds like it could be an issue with the caching-chain of data being written to the card.

The bass rolloff helped a tiny bit, but not substantially.

MP3 auto levels and I used the marantz pmd 660 in the mic itself. How did you come in contact with Marantz? I ordered it from maraantz U. A Palm, MP3 player, cell phone…. But there is one very clever concept: Required pulling the batteries to get it to restart.

Some of us have had no marantz pmd 660 problems. Sounds like a very impressive and well priced mic. I stuck some shims made from a business card under the battery contacts and it works just fine now.


Marantz PMD660 Recorder

I typically bounce mixes out of PT into. For these batteries you can place a business pmx thick spacer behind the terminal and compensate.

Mine make a very obvious high-frequency whine. I read the comment above about line recording at 48k.

Marantz PMD 660

I assume you read that the problems are requiring more than a firmware update. I did have a for a while, generously loaned by Oade Brothers. Using a condenser mic with its own internal battery would likely be the most efficient. I saw a Ares-PII and it was quite impressive. This unit is a beauty, but at this stage only in WAV format. Help Transom get new work and voices to public marantz pmd 660 by donating now.

But I could understand what it showed about the preamp in the being the weakest component, and the point at which the waveforms had flat tops as they met marantz pmd 660 preamps headroom limit.