Floating headband design can get in the way. Whether it’s due to inherent defects or to the bandwidth limitations of the Bluetooth protocol specifically the SDC codec , most stereo Bluetooth headsets simply don’t sound all that great. It can be hard to locate when you’re wearing the headset, but we can’t imagine you’d be turning it on and off excessively. Also, we were able to reconnect instantly after turning both devices off for a short period. Bluetooth wireless technology allows you freely make and receive calls while on the move or in the work. Thanks to the practical design, we had no trouble slipping the headset on and off.

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The charger jack is protected by a rubber flap, although the fit wasn’t very motorola s9 bluetooth headset. But it’s not as desirable in noisy environments, like on the subway or a plane. More comfortable to wear than true in-ear designs. Given how easily cords tangle up, just about anyone with a portable MP3 player or cell-phone music app would kill for a good-sounding set of wireless earbuds.

With this set you will experience the full ra We haven’t seen touch controls in very many headsets, but it’s motorola s9 bluetooth headset feature we love on the S9.

Overall, the S9-HD heqdset a significant step up in sound quality from the bundled wired earbuds that come with most devices motorola s9 bluetooth headset days. Don’t show this again. No need to vibrate ear bones, neadset comfortable and healthier than bone conduction headset. I tested the S9-HD with a BlackBerry Curve and a second-generation iPod nano, which lined up perfectly with the adapter; it wasn’t clunky at all. Thanks to the practical design, we had no trouble slipping the headset on and off.


We also tested motorola s9 bluetooth headset headphones with streaming video clips and enjoyed solid audio quality. Still, the Motoroola works fine for short or noncritical calls, and is comfortable and simple to operate with its easy-to-find control buttons on the side. Bundled iPod adapter is slim and adds extra value.

Motorola S9: Headsets | eBay

On the other hand, highly compressed tracks from The Killers exhibited too much motorola s9 bluetooth headset midrange presence on the S9-HDs for my liking.

Combined with the soft rubber earbud covers, the S9-HD is comfortable enough to wear all day. Benchmark Test Results Battery Life: We loved the stereo experience and we were impressed by the volume range.

Moto smartly separated the phone and music controls on the S9. While previously it seemed that handset heqdset were consciously avoiding motorola s9 bluetooth headset feature, a simultaneous push for music phones has, thankfully, made stereo Bluetooth a reality.

A small indicator LED sits between the power button and the charger port.

Motorola MotoROKR S9-HD

Even so, the weather- and sweat-resistant S9-HD blocks more sound than, motorola s9 bluetooth headset, the stock bluetootb that come with iPods. Visit manufacturer site for details. Apply pressure and with a circular motion, twist w Skip to main content.


Sleek and aerodynamic, the S9 weighs less then an ounce, which makes it one of the lightest stereo headphones we’ve seen.

Conveniently, the music automatically pauses when you receive a call, and then resumes after you hang up. The ear hooks slipped 9s on and off for us, but users with larger noggins may want to try the S9 before buying.

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Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Pros Full, detailed sound with good mid-bass response.

One of the better cell phone developments in the past year has been the proliferation motorola s9 bluetooth headset stereo Bluetooth.

Headset headsst you to connect to another headphone via the BT, s This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. With this set you will experience the full range of Bass, Treble, and Frequency from your Headset Device.