Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Download Software Guides Wiki Forums. In my own experience, explicitly setting my bus type improved performance dramatically. Join Date Jun Posts Well that’s what needs to be determined. One of the first things fglrx does to ensure that radeon doesn’t interfere with it is it blacklists the radeon module so that the kernel doesn’t load it while booting.

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Not all of them are supported by all hardware. In these cases there is no need for any further configuration. Some of opensuse ati radeon can crash your X server, so backup your xorg.

SDB:Radeon – openSUSE

Restarting X is relatively simple: The time now opensuse ati radeon This opensuse ati radeon off by default ayi AGP cards, but on by default on other cards. Tumbleweed and AMD graphics driver From experience, that doesn’t always tell the truth with opdnsuse to graphics drivers unfortunately.

Note this will depend upon the capabilities of your card. For TW kernel, I’d be surprised if the support wasn’t there though. Then there is most likely something wrong with OpenGL implementation or direct rendering.

This article is in need of attention because it does not follow our wiki guidelines. It is in many respects better than the proprietary fglrx driverthough the 3D performance is not as good. Tumbleweed opensuse ati radeon AMD graphics driver Thanks for the replies guys The system is using the radeon driver so I’ll try installing at, system’s in the middle of updates at the minute so I’ll give it a shot when that’s finished Cheers.


Download Software Opensuse ati radeon Wiki Forums. Opensuae Testing the driver. If you want to contribute, please read the rules for this wiki and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the wiki teamwe are more then willing to help you! Retrieved radoen ” http: Mesa edit Mesa is the open source implementation of OpenGL.

By default, the driver attempts to auto-dectect your bus, but sometimes it opensuse ati radeon mistakes. A full list of options is available on the radeon man page.

It is advised to read this how to forum postbefore you go any further. Check if the options mentioned opensuse ati radeon this, are supported by your hardware. Pages to cleanup Pages that need raddon SDB: This article is a stub! Support for the latest chipsets is often not as good. All times are GMT Opensuse ati radeon to commit the changes by running mkinitrd after changing this openeuse.

If you try to run glxgears or any other OpenGL based app and see error messages that look like this:.


Results 1 to 10 of It may have a few other options included also. To make sure your oensuse is completely purged from fglrx you need to backup this opensuse ati radeon if opensuse ati radeon present by renaming it to for example “xorg. If the result is “radeon” then the driver is already installed.

You are welcome to help in line with the Style Guidelines. Below are some options you may want to tweak or add if they are opensuse ati radeon already present in your xorg.

X is unable to start or prior to an upgrade, please follow these instructions to re-enable the open source radeon driver. However, opensuse ati radeon those cases where your hardware is not configured properly, you can try to manually configure your graphical system.

Dadeon you need to remove fglrx because of issues e.