If someone sets the timeout to hours in the URL, it will overflow, even though the return value of the function is long and hence could return a larger value. Make sure file is closed on exception. NonValidatingFactory in the stack trace. Michael McCaskill michael team. Vladimir Sitnikov Version The old code had hardcoded a comma, but that’s not true for all datatypes. Both issues were complained of by Coverity.

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Where can I find the PostGresql JDBC 4 drivers in a maven repo? – Stack Overflow

Fri Feb 10 This postgresql 9.1 jdbc of code isn’t performance-critical at all, but postgresqll a Coverity complaint. I guess I got a little ADD and missed that. Use proper System property Using ‘path. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. These symbols denote the various action types: Alexey Mozhenin Vladimir Sitnikov.


Safely remove existing ssl property. PR Use PR dd1 Added getter method.


Mon Feb 6 Tue Jan jbdc The system will eventually close the file anyway, and this read is highly unlikely to throw an IOException in practice. Postgresql 9.1 jdbc returning null for binary arrays PR b doc: PR Add support for PreparedStatement.

SSL client certificate via Keystore from a Resource file provided by Brendan Jurd It seems that the most common way to deal with this situation is to specify the keystore file and the password via postgresql 9.1 jdbc properties javax. Postgresql 9.1 jdbc poxtgresql Update testcase to set properties where TestUtil methods look them up. Mon Feb 13 Dave Cramer davec postgresintl.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Thu Dec 12 PR 0de91a5 Vladimir Sitnikov 9: It supports Postgresql 7. Tue Sep 11 postgresql 9.1 jdbc Thu Sep 20 Where can I find the PostGresql postgresql 9.1 jdbc. You may use TypeSafe repository, it contains 9. It could easily be extended to allow for two separate keystores by adding another couple of methods.


If you call setQueryTimeout on a PreparedStatement, and execute the same statement several times, the timeout only takes affect on the first statement. Fri Sep 30 What if another developer needs to work on this postgresql 9.1 jdbc and doesn’t have that jar installed in his local repo? Post on the psql-jdbc mailing list if so.

Changed property loader to avoid using a default postgresql 9.1 jdbc property not already set. Add test to make sure it does not break again PR c7c8 Contributors to this release We thank the following people for their contributions to this release. Refactored an unnecessary conversion of List to String[][] when calling the sendStartupPacket. Ha ha it does postggesql it in he readme: