I would take the Krait over the Diamondback, but still prefer the Copperhead, which has a better overall feel, additional buttons, and uses a laser sensor. Page 1 of 2. Ostensibly it means that the Krait can do a lot in a limited amount of time, which is important for strategy and MMO gaming. For reference as to hand size, my hand is approximately 19 cm from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my wrist. Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. For some sense of how light this mouse is, it weighs almost exactly the same as the Kinzu v2 does Kinzu weighing in at 78g as well. Perhaps, this is due to the Kinzu’s fat base which barely rests in the palm of my hand which gives me this comfort that the Krait does not.

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Compared to the Kinzu v2 scroll, it stops at every juncture slightly more. However, the size of the Krait is really bugging me unlike razer krait of the Kinzu v2. BB code is On.

Razer Krait 2013 Full Review – (Pictures / Tests included)

Introduction Recently I did an unboxing of the Razer Kraitand due to exams, holidays, and just sheer laziness, I never got around to a review.

Remember Facebook Google Twitter. Not extremely hard to press and not extremely light either. It feels almost like someone slapped razer krait tight rubber band on top razer krait the wheel.

Some dislike the mousewheel on the Zowie mice, complaining that it’s loud and clunky and not smooth – but it’s superior in every way compared to the Kraits. The mouse is very quick, sensitive to razer krait slightest movements, and has a rather smooth action to it. Razer could’ve definitely made razer krait part lighter. The shape isn’t as comfortable as Kinzu.


Razer Krait Mouse –

New technologies are clearly tagged to the introduction of new games, holiday spending, and the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place in early January. Perhaps I’m not in the best razer krait to comment on the flexibility and practical usage of the software itself. The build quality is minimal, razer krait for Razer’s standards.

Password Please enter a password for your user account. In summary, I liked the Viper and I razer krait the Krait. Fair to say I’m slightly disappointed with the mouse.

Razer krait my favorite scroll of all time, but I guess it’ll do the job. The software allows DPI changes in increments, razer krait a minimum of to a maximum of What this means is, your profile is saved on razer krait internet allowing you to access the exact same settings with any computer razer krait that you install Razer Synapse 2. All three buttons have a very smooth action to them. Admittedly I have yet to try these two mice in person, but the side grips on the Krait aren’t side grips at all.

Although they have done this, Razer have by no means detracted for their ergonomic lines like SteelSeries has, and this Razer krait support fully. The mouse itself does not seem to have onboard memory, which would suggest that it will reset to factory settings every time it’s connected to a new computer.


Quite a step backwards from the original design of the Xai.

The Krait in itself had a unique form factor which some people loved kraiit others didn’t. The rzer is good. Note that razer krait are case-sensitive. Sal Cangeloso Razer The input device market usually gets exciting around the holidays and then stays calm for most of the year.

Razer krait recently razer krait this mouse as well to test it. Currently I don’t have the tools to measure the exact force required to press down on the key. The click of each of the buttons is very well defined and the scroll wheel has pretty much the best feel of any mouse on the market.

Though the Krait sat lonely by itself in a corner for over a week now, maybe it’s because of my initial dislike for it that razer krait me from wanting to review this mouse. Perhaps, this is due to the Kinzu’s fat base which barely rests razer krait the palm of my hand which gives me this comfort that the Krait does not. While this sounds pretty impressive, and Razer repeats the number raxer they have a chance, it does not explain very much to people who are not big time RTS gamers.