They had a laptop and mentioned the arrows to the right of the playback mixer and said they had selected the SPDIF slider to get things working. If I understand Obone, it looks as though I need to update my real tek software and drivers? Let me know if any of this works for you. We will try to switch headsets and see if its not a hardware problem but I doubt that. I also had the greyed out sliders on the mike controls.

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I’ve had the same problem, and figured I’d post a solution here to anyone else that comes across this thread. Replacement power window switch.

Realtek HD Audio Input is also Output

And it as you mentioned already doesn’t do anything with the locked sliders. I fixed sync issues by adjusting the Realtek hda primary input Buffer size between both realte.

Realtek hda primary input “Realtek HDA Primary input” inpuh you’re using the back of the machineor “Mic in at front panel Pink ” if that’s what you’re using. All sounds audible through speakers but no recording possible all flatlining Any useful ideas welcome.


Windows 7 x64 ALC chipset.

Realtek HD Audio Input is also Output problem

Then boot system up and load optimized default. Damage Caused by Trojans. Due to the design of hdda computer case, I have no front ports for my mic and headphones.

Get started realtek hda primary input, simply by clicking the Download Now button. What remains is that compared to AC’97, the quality realtel the recording is utterly unbearable: I have tried every thing I know to do. Fair enough the mic works, but there is no user control at all! This could probably fix some of the problems you guys are experiencing.

And even worse thing happens if I connect an external microphone to the jack then the input is completely silent. Primaary I more or less said this 3 posts ago?

Since I want to use it for Microsoft Flight Simulater FSX to separate realtek hda primary input noise from tower voice, I had to change the headphone to “default communication realtek hda primary input right click. Your email optional, used for replies: Can this be solved, too?

I’ve got driver 5. Everything is working fine now for me. Hey, so I have helped a bunch of people so far since then. If anyone can help me, please do!


Also, when he plays realtek hda primary input song, or his pc makes some noise, everyone else hears it as if he would hold his mike next to the speaker, even if the speakers are not plugged in. Windows XP bit Wind Your question Get the answer. And I’m using headphones. Onboard sound doesnt get the most attention in MoBo design. To apply the drivers, simply run the set-up, and reboot your PC after the installation is complete.

Then it changed name but still used the same driver.

Mic Problem with Realtek HD Audio Input – TechSpot Forums

I would recommend submitting this problem directly to realtek AND Gigabyte repeatedly. If so please post it. I decided to update my sound driver. Can you please help me?