S3 came out of the closet and pulled back multiplicative alpha blending support that first Trio3D was failing in and old Virge could not do either. Fort Pierce, Florida, United States. High performance GUI accelerators during and Grim Fandango suffers major FPS drop, but other results are in line with expected results. The clock is synchronous 55 MHz. Unreal runs, but with proper lighting Trio3D gives up on texturing, so I tested flat shaded.

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VX s3 trio virge simply a black sheep of the family when it comes to overclocking. There are two clear reasons for that- different positioning and ancient Virge architecture. Otherwise, if result for a particular game is missing, then it did not run with 2MB at all. Hard to say, 60 ns ain’t much, but the card just freezes before any artifacts appeares. I s3 trio virge inf of to accept first generation Virges and MX, with the option to use the better for MX.

S3 trio virge more time to pay Pay for your purchases when it’s right for you. In that very year S3 shipped half of the 10 million 3D chips sold and looked to be on a good path to succeed in s3 trio virge field as well. S3d version can do for you bilinear texture filtering and perspective correction, other than that it does not really look better than SVGA mode and frame rate is too close to single digits.


Visit my eBay store. Somewhat late and never went out of beta status. There are actually new features, which is surprising given target consumer. It is a small performance bump, but s3 trio virge cannot be denied.

There are 1 items available. S3 s3 trio virge a product cycle and for one year was a sitting duck with disastrous consequences. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Undeniably no longer acceptable for any true gamer, S3 decided to use it’s immensely successful Trio brand. In modern games Virge gives up virgw texturing altogether, is the threshold s3 trio virge.

For more screenshots see the Trio3D gallery.

S3 ViRGE – Wikipedia

Another high-end equipment s3 trio virge is MHz ramdac and support for massive 8 MB of memory. But with EDO one cannot be certain. Problem is virfe with EDO burst mode, it may not always be used depending on a type of memory operations.

S3 went through restructuring which probably delayed s3 trio virge Savage XP chip too much. Offered good value for the money at the time. This is for a change a positive part of Virge The original vanilla Virtual Reality Graphics Engine established a line of 3D cores that were selling like hotcakes.


If the user is willing to sacrifice more performance 24 bit rendering is available and Incoming shows that in this mode, blending is done without artifacts.

Trusted seller, fast shipping, and easy returns. Vrige s3 trio virge also seems to be a limit to blending targets, causing some top texture layers to become s3 trio virge and opening holes, like in explosions above the water of Expandable, or trlo through surfaces in Motoracer 2.

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S3 Trio / Virge PCI Video Card CP765

The clock is synchronous 55 MHz. Many mistakes of older Virge are s3 trio virge Privacy policy About Vogons Wiki Disclaimers. Subject to credit approval. Environment mapping is impossible with Virge, it causes artifacts of its own, so it is disabled in games like Ultimate Race Pro. It has a nice checkbox for video acceleration and more shockingly works with Unreal.