The pedals are small, as is the wheelbase and in a way, that’s good since it takes up hardly any desk space at all. Not too bad really. This picture is so cool! I’m sure Saitek could find something to throw in the pedal base for some added weight Add a few demos to the Companion CD. Photo 10 Advert 10 total 9.

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I think I’ll buy it.

Saitek R Sports Wheel Specs – CNET

All digital saitek r100 copyrights belong to the photographers and may not be used without permission. But I tell ya, them pedals are a bit too small for my manly feet and definitely lightweight.

Good job conveying the mood of playing the game and saitek r100 the wheel.

I imagine this was a rather difficult photo, but you pulled it off well. Add some weight to the pedal base. Wish I had a monitor that big. Saitek r100 pedals are small, as is g100 wheelbase and in saitek r100 way, that’s good since it takes up hardly any desk space at all.


I used my second digital camera, a Canon S for use as a rear curtain sync flash. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Saitek R Racing Wheel. Nice idea, but the saitek r100 is too cluttered to be a compelling piece of marketing.

Driver Saitek R100 3.00 (64bit)

Please log in or register to add your comments! Everything about it is well done.

Five different languages to choose from! Nice feel to it. This is really cool. May 2, Add photograph to your favorites Add photographer to your favorites. My son wants one Amphian Nikon Coolpix Very clever idea saitek r100. That has to be Nascar on a large TV. You should have cropped the upper left saitek r100 though A nifty easy-to-use desktop saitek r100 provided quick connection and disconnection. Tim – You were robbed! Comments Made During the Saifek. You can even tell saitem you spent a fortune on it!

See the “press the spacebar” saitek r100 the upper left corner? I liked the fact that the wheel base saitek r100 small and compact not using my precious desktop workspace, and by Saitek keeping the wires to a minimum certainly was a plus as well.


The 2 buttons on the wheel were conveniently placed where my thumbs came to a rest. Had me going for a minute. Three of which are in English. Look at them pedals May 2, Aperture: If you want a saitek r100 wheel at a bargain of a price then look no further than this one. Saitek r100 did you do it?