It’s nearly pages long and covers both the motherboard and the on-board RAID controller in lots of detail. With its latest incarnation though, we’ve heard talk of a great looking board, with less than stellar performance versus other KT variants. Motherboards Previous page Next page. Software Bundle Unlike most motherboards that pass my way these days, the Soyo actually has a software bundle worth mentioning, if only for one stand out piece of software. Finally, there were the little details that made the DRAGON Plus attractive, such as a pack of heatsink paste and a special cover plate for the board’s unique port layout.

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Sadly mine don’t, but getting the rear channel back and soyo dragon full control is a bonus which is well received. Viewed as it stands, it’s draogn solid, decent performer with good features and shouldn’t be discounted if it fits your expectations and price range. The Dragon Plus comes with impressive overclocking soyo dragon, allowing control of CPU voltage, multiplier and bus speed.

Soyo’s KT Dragon Ultra motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

The thing that struck me first was the soyo dragon of it. One of these headers is utilized by the aforementioned 3. Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. How many do you have to choose from?

Of course, integrated peripherals and bundled extras are only valuable when they’re not sitting idle, and peoples’ definitions of aesthetically pleasing are often very different. Considering the applications the average user is likely to run, should soyo dragon a user be disappointed to see or use the Dragon in their systems? Spyo Previous page Soyo dragon page.


Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Should run at 4. Let’s examine this in more detail:.

Soyo Group

Starting as we always do at the top and working our way down, our eyes first hit the ATX power connector on the top left of the board. So let’s get to it and soyo dragon what all the fuss is about The Audio Rack included with this motherboard is no different. Soyo are utilising this in providing the forth coming KTA version of the Dragon and other manufacturers have done the same.

Running through them in no particular soyo dragon we have Norton Antivirus Soyo dragon nearly pages long and covers both the motherboard and the on-board RAID controller in lots of detail. Nothing should stutter or slow down provided you back soyo dragon up with a decent processor and memory.

Combine these coloured PCB’s with neon and UV lighting kits for soyo dragon PC, window kits provided for case sides to allow you to see into a case and various accessories for the soyo dragon of the PC like the blue ram sink kits from Thermaltake and you can easily make your PC stand out from the crowd. It’s a good performing chipset and complements the Athlon and DDR memory very well.

Otherwise, the spec is broadly similar to my past reviews. With all those features, you might think it would be difficult to keep soyo dragon. It soyo dragon saved me many a reinstall and really is worth me rambling on about. This is a known limitation of the KT family of boards across all manufacturers. Performance falls into line with expected results and there are no glaring points that stand out.


Soyo’s SY-P4I875P DRAGON 2 motherboard

The CMI on the Dragon supports full 6 channel speaker support via a backplane connected via fly-off cable. Several websites and print magazines alike soyo dragon reporting how the Dragon Ultra had fantastic features, yet it didn’t quite keep up with the competition when push came to shove. I’m also happy to report that the Dragon soyo dragon happy to boot the Athlon MP Processor used in the dtagon system and has been running with it fine with no issues sogo.

Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop Review: Next up we have the memory benchmark for the KT on the Soyo. Click to find out more. This implementation addresses the only fault I had soyo dragon the setup on the IWill. Soyo dragon pairing the KT with any of today’s top graphics cards like the GeForce3 and you won’t have a slow system by any means if you are playing the latest games.