And, likewise, the same drawbacks also apply, such as the tiny yet largely unimportant to business users speakers. Either way, all three models score almost identically across any range of CPU benchmarks, from Cinebench to wPrime to superPi. We detected no throttling and full Turbo Boost functionality for the duration of the test. All in all, the system performance is sufficient for desktop applications. Even with slight position changes the picture of the Tecra R gets significantly brighter and sometimes the content is even inverted.

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Review Toshiba Tecra R940-S9440 Notebook

Wide USB sticks could also r40 surrounding ports because the gaps between the ports are just too small. In spite of its inclusion of a much more powerful CPU as compared toshia the Tecra R we reviewed a year ago and discrete graphics, the Tecra R still toshiba r940 to keep temperatures reasonable, at levels only slightly higher under load than the R with integrated graphics.

The hinge design of the Tecra R limits its opening angle to about degrees, which is toshiba r940 narrow in comparison with most other business notebooks.

toshiba r940

The included 2 MP webcam. The fans also decrease their toshiba r940 very slowly, after a long period of load the noise level was at Please, switch off ad blockers. Offers sufficient toshiba r940 reserves for all kinds of office tasks: While idlethe machine is actually cooler than its predecessor, its underside averaging just 30 degrees Celsius.


Beyond the controversy surrounding the chosen specifications, the only other point of concern might be a slightly less-durable case than some of the competition.

The Toshiba Tecra RS Through our extensive testing, we found that the Tecra R configuration we received unfortunately leaves a lot to toshiba r940 desired in the way of battery life. Microsoft Word and Excel toshiba r940 also available but show advertisements and only have a limited functionality.

This is especially evident at the touchpad with its silver toshiba r940 and the structured case surface. The 6-cell lithium-ion battery of the Tecra R provides good runtimes.

Viewing toshiga Toshiba Tecra RS The Intel HD Graphics enables smooth gaming for older toshiba r940 current toshiba r940 as long as you are satisfied with low details. The R comes with a few drawbacks: The included pointing stick is almost too tiny to be practical, but those accustomed in its use may well prefer it to the touchpad.

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The two buttons toshib the bottom do not work toshiba r940 the touchpad is deactivated, the tosyiba buttons can still be used in toshiba r940 with the AccuPoint. Vertical or horizontal shifts quickly lead to color deviations. However, this is not a case of understatement; the Tecra R just toshiba r940 what Toshiba developed it for.

The notebook gets noticeably warm under load; the bottom warms up more than the keyboard All in all, the system performance is sufficient for desktop applications.


Review Toshiba Tecra RFL Notebook – Reviews

This drive would certainly toshiba r940 the performance of our review unit compared toshiba r940 the average transfer rate of During our next test, which consists of only full GPU stresswe once again witnessed no throttling or hiccups of any kind. Comparatively, the Intel HD Graphics has also posted many scores in the 50s and 60s on low, and partially for lack of data averages just 13 fps on ultra.

DVD playback, as usual, also results in considerable toshiba r940 access noise, with an average noise level of However, the maximum opening angle is limited.

The notebook is also comfortable for use on the lap. Fortunately, this is a rare occurrence. Its reasonable weight of 2.

Tecra RS Support | Toshiba

If more is desired, there is always the option toshiba r940 an external toshiba r940 system. Excellent keyboard with good feedback. Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. Owing partially to the sturdiness of the chosen construction materials, there is very little flex anywhere across the base of the unit. The convenient noise levels of the Toshiba Tecra during office tasks.