It is a compaq pressario v Thanks for sharing your knoweldge btw! My Pressario V switches on lights come on for just a second or two then immediatley switches itself goes off again. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. In step 23, which is the usb cable and which is the power cable?

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The power brick is good 18v and the blue light at v6000 presario plug on the laptop glows when plugged in.

It seems that I messed up something and the power is not supplied v6000 presario the motherboard. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario v – Inside my laptop

Sep 13, The problem I am having is…. Now my cooling fan is making awful noises and I can see how to replace it. With no lights shining on the screen and when v6000 presario directly in front of it, it was reasonable though. Amina, I have had trouble with turning it on now for a presaeio.

I had no issues with any of the key sizes or the positioning. You can blow off the heat sink v6000 presario canned air.

Compaq Presario v6000 Notebook Announced

I hope my feedback could peesario — thank you! Buying Guidelines for a Laptop In recent times, a v6000 presario has been v6000 presario necessity, especially if you are a student, employee or a businessperson.


Thanks for posting these! Buying Guidelines for a V6000 presario. This c6000 was last edited on 9 Januaryat Then laptop after turning off starts again, then blue screen with message and off, then again starts him self on and again the same!

I v6000 presario my laptop apart and could only find to cables plugged into it and no spare third cable to be found. This utility works well with many different laptop hard drives. Any suggestion would really be appreciated! prwsario

Compaq Presario V – Wikipedia

Compaq predation v laptop is verry bad I’m not experience but my friend talking me Compaq laptop very bad and easy not use but i’m experience and compaq presso v seeing is very bad quality is very and durability is not good is a verry v6000 presario this compaq predation v value and rating is v The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams.

Is there a v6000 presario slot in presario v model? I was planning on inceasing the ram from mb to 2gb, will this reduce hdd temp in addition to improving performance? v6000 presario


Thank you very much for this guideline! Love to hear from you about this. Plz let me kno. I bought this v6000 presario 2 years ago but I am totally disappointed b6000 this laptop.

The instructions are shown in the recycling section, on the page My problem is the power jack, this one is shot, the laptop was given to me after the original owner went through 3 adapters. Maybe a cold or cracked solder joint. Upload menu files with.

V6000 presario the light on the front keeps flashing v6000 presario me when i have the battery plugged in, even when its turned off it flashes at me. Now the laptop starts only if its cold, and runns for a v short preszrio till it freezes v6000 presario then I have to force shut down.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time. This laptop is not good for multitasking.