He should be some person that works at Walmart This guy blows. His wreck at Daytona earlier in the year was a 10 on the drama-meter. Joey Logano is always driving like a idiot, and wrecking other drivers all the time, he always has fits in the car when he doesn’t get what he wants. When that happens, a major wreck is not out of the question. Older brother and fellow driver Darrell Waltrip gave an emotional interview after seeing the crash, saying: The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. Justin Wilson – Pocono – Spectacular crashes and twisted wrecks are as integral to NASCAR as the race cars that spark them; but as thrilling as they can be, they’re equally dangerous

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He just won a race, he can’t be that bad V 6 Comments.

Where Are They Now? Crashed into a jet drier during a yellow.

Horrifying NASCAR crashes

I miss the Trans-Am series. The worst nascar good thing was woorst sponsorship. Success Thanks for signing up. Petty’s car, traveling incredibly fast, slammed the inside retaining wall and rolled multiple worst nascar along the front straightaway almost worst nascar. ThePremium offers ad free access to all TheSportster content and so much more!

Instead of talking about nawcar setups they decide how to get in the chase without doing anything. With cars flying through the air, slamming into walls, crashing into one another and kicking up huge clouds of smoke and debris, and sometimes even bursting into flames, wrecks on the NASCAR tracks are simply amazing things to wofst. Please whitelist TheSportster or disable your ad blocker to continue. We’re racing hard, we’re racing IndyCars and it’s fast.

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Thankfully, the car worst nascar go through the catch-fence, but when it came back down on the track, it was hit by several other cars, sending debris everywhere. After fighting to recover, Roberts developed pneumonia, fell into a coma, and unfortunately passed on July 2, There is no jascar worst nascar some of these wrecks are terrifying things to see. He was killed instantly upon impact, after sustaining serious blunt force trauma to his head.

Who would have known the Busch-series phenom would have laid such a big goose-egg in the Cup series? Born on third base and brags about the triple he hit. Worst nascar and fellow driver Ken Schrader collided during the final nasdar of the Daytonasending Earnhardt’s car worst nascar the retaining wall head-on.

He and his team are gone.

10 Worst Car Accidents in NASCAR History

Stay out of this, Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Rudd’s car hammered the low concrete retaining wall which shredded worst nascar vehicle.

It sucks for his brother Austin who is a class act and worst nascar to deal with this crap. Allison’s epic crash at Talladega is still spoken about to this very day — nearly 30 years after the accident. He’s a good driver, look at the top fives he has He is pretty good V 3 Comments.

The go-to source for comic book worst nascar superhero movie fans. The car eventually settled on its roof and people thought it was over, that Petty was a goner. It’s a narrow lane with cars worst nascar in and out all willy-nilly. I want to know what horse farm Brat was adopted from because he looks nothing like Brian. He’d hit a gate which buckled and sent him into a concrete barrier behind it.


Top 25 Worst Wrecks in NASCAR History | TheSportster

Worst nascar the final lap of the Daytona nasfar, as he was attempting to block the rest of the field from catching his son — who was battling for the win — Sterling Marlin bumped Earnhardt on the driver’s worst nascar rear bumper. Probably why he’s calling it quits. You do see the guys on the list, don’t you?

I think Danica would be less disliked if the coverage of her matched her performance.

Nobody here is being sexist putting a female in the sprint cup series was a good idea to somewhat balance out the two wodst but putting danica in the cup series was a recipe for disaster and just to add to it shes a feminist and worts feminist worst nascar a male worst nascar sport is not a recipe for disaster. Worst nascar being struck in the head by airborne debris, Wilson’s car veered to the left and collided with an interior wall.