Corrective Actions are used to verify the normal operation of the machine. Clean all rollers in the Exit Assembly. Open OCT rear door and remove any paper. At DPI, the two pixel lines and halftone patches cannot be reproduced clearly on the print. Open the Top Cover.

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The Display Faults will dis- play the error code and the meter count when the event happened.

Y N Open the Rear Cover. Press and release the actuator of the OCT Sensor.

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Check the Tray 2 Feed Rolls. The OCT Sensor actu- ates by lifting up the actuator and deactuates by releasing the actuator. Final Actions are used to evaluate the total operation of the system and to identify the actions required to complete the xerox docuprint n2025 call. Scroll to Exit Motor L press Enter [4].

Xerox DocuPrint N, NUK – Printware

Raise and lower the Print Cartridge approximately 2 inches Turn the Fuser Assembly right side up. Y N The problem xerox docuprint n2025 to be with the host computer or the cables.


The Fuser assembly is clean and free of obstructions. Rotate the fuser xeroz gear manually and inspect the Heat Roll.

DocuPrint N, Black and White Printers: Xerox

xerox docuprint n2025 The Duplex Motor and rollers turn smoothly at high speed. These areas run horizontally across the page in the direction of scanning. Vertical band deletions are deletions which extend across the short dimension of the page Xreox 1. Y N Go to Fusing.

Misfeed Jam Registration Sensor did not actuate within time after the actuation of the Duplex Motor in reverse. Replace the option just installed if the voltage fails.

Procedure Run xeorx Test Print. xerox docuprint n2025

DocuPrint N2025

Enter Diagnostics and select Component Test. Remove the Sheet Feeder Harness Assembly. The worst background area on odcuprint print should be at, or below, area 3 on the rating guide Figure 1. Test prints were successfully xerox docuprint n2025 from each tray. Xerox docuprint n2025 can hear the Turn Roll Clutch Assembly energize. There is toner on the paper with no visible image.


Clean the general area. Open the Rear Cover. The paper size indicated on the LCD matches the paper size actually in Tray 1.

Inspect paper path between Registration Rolls and the pinch roll of the Fuser Assembly. There is a normal image on the xerox docuprint n2025. Visually inspect the Size Switch Actuators.

The voltage on pin 5 is correct. The printed test patterns meet the Skew specification. Part names are listed in xerox docuprint n2025 section of the manual even if the part itself is not spared. An example of the dis- play “E “, where E is the error code and is the meter count. Generate a test print and switch OFF the printer power halfway through the print cycle.